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R20 tattoo removal uses the same Q-switch stlye laser as traditional tattoo removal procedures but utilizes up to 4 treatments in one session separated by a rest for 20 minutes between treatments to allow the nitrogen bubbles to dissipate before the next treatment is applied.
The result is fewer visits to the tattoo removal clinic and much faster fading of the tattoo ink. At the core, a tattoo is pigment inserted into the dermal layer of skin by rupturing the top skin layer.
But just because you visited a tattoo artist in a moment of spontaneity doesn't mean you have to suffer from the consequences of ink forever. Complete tattoo removal is now very much possible and latest treatments techniques like R20 Tattoo Removal will not harm your skin as much as traditional removal methods. Lasers produce short intense light pulses that go through the upper skin layers and get absorbed by the pigment (tattoo ink). The easiest to remove would be black ink because it has the ability to absorb all light wavelengths. Any NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents) and aspirin products will cause bruising after treatment so medicines like ibuprofen are not used.
Only a few minutes are required for the treatment but most people will require up to four sessions with the R20 tattoo removal method. During the interval time, skin should be treated very gently, never scrubbed or rubbed, until it heals completely. Add your clinic to our directory of R20 Tattoo Removal providers to help patients easily find your location.

Myths and FactsDon't worry, (be informed). The truth about tattoo removal myths, nightmares and common misconceptions. Treatment PhotosHere are progress photos of real Zapatat clients (not stock pictures most use).
Zapatat FAQWe have compiled the questions actual clients have asked most often during over 5,000 consultations. Tattoo RemovalHow laser tattoo removal works and what to look for in considering tattoo removal and a provider.
Laser Tattoo Removal on Dark or Black Skin is possible; however, there is important information you should know when when talking to tattoo removal clinics to determine if they have the right laser for you.
This is important because the smaller the wavelength the more damage it can do to dark or black skin while removing the tattoo.
Hyperpigmentation – Darker colored spots in the skin that are darker than your natural skin tones.
Notice the whitish frost bubbles in the video after the laser passes the skin during the removal? According to the Kirby-Desai study, dark or black skin will require a couple more tattoo removal sessions to effectively remove a tattoo. Obviously they are meant to be permanent, but human discretion can sometimes be affected by special circumstances - suffice it to say that there are plenty of excuses for why you have that tattoo in the first place.
The degree of removal that a physician will guarantee depends on several factors, including location of tattoo, size and even the colors applied.

A three to eight week interval will be required after every session in which time the skin is allowed to heal and pigment residue is absorbed by the body.
There will generally be no permanent scarring once the site repairs itself and the pigmentation and scabs will fade away.
You will be able to take a bath but you have to be very careful and apply the ointment for as long as the physician has recommended.
Through extensive R&D and over 1,000 R20 treatments, we have refined the technique to the highest level in the world. The laser does not damage surrounding skin and different wavelengths of light need to be utilized to break down different colors. When the laser hits your skin, it might feel like a slight burn, and most physicians will recommend non-aspirin products like Tylenol for the aches.
Lasers in a doctors office, tattoo removal clinic, or medical spa may have 1 to 4 wavelengths. You should expect some burning sensation and reddening of the treated area and some may even experience scabbing.

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