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FERN Britton says she is “enjoying a disgraceful middle age” – and unveiled a tattoo on her stomach to prove it. The TV presenter, who rose to fame during her stints on Ready Steady Cook and This Morning, says she had the blue and yellow butterfly tattoo at Christmas after her 10-year-old daughter Winnie gave her a stick-on one.
There is one more tattoo she is rumored to have but I haven’t been able to confirm the existence of said tattoo so we will leave it off our list. Feisty Fern, 53, who had a gastric band fitted to shed five stone in 2008, said she was inspired to have a real tattoo after her husband, TV chef Phil Vickery, told her the transfer looked good.

I had to ring him from the tattooing table because I was going to be late collecting Winnie from school. He’s my best friend.” The mother of four described herself as a “work in progress” but said she was no longer consumed by how she looks.
The presenter, who quit This Morning in 2009 after 10 years on the ITV show, said she did not know if she wanted to continue working in the TV industry. But she credited the show with helping her lose weight, which saw her drop from a size 16 to a 12.

Maybe Rihanna changed her mind on the rumored tattoo and that is why no one has seen it clearly yet.If that is the case Rihanna you can always come see your local laser removal clinic we will help you remove it in no time.

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