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Tattoos are the most popular and trendy fashion that is designed by peoples on their different body parts like hands, knuckles, foot, fingers, etc.
I have a tattoo I want to amend, but stumped on what to change it to; there are no good tattooists near me, so can anyone give me some ideas or does anyone know a good one who'd be happy to give some quick creative advice via email? My existing tattoo is on my right forearm - it's lots of parallel lines, the space between some of them are filled in with black. I once read on a tattoo website (and oh, how I wish I'd bookmarked it!) an interview with a guy covered in all sorts of tatts. I don't have any suggestions - other than DEAR GOD DON'T GO BACK TO THE TATTOOIST WHO DECIDED HALFWAY THROUGH THAT SHE COULDN'T COMPLETE THE DESIGN!
I am always reluctant to offer advice about specific tattoos here (and I am always eager to encourage people to find an artist they like and discuss their ideas with them), but doing a cover-up over that tattoo would be very, very challenging.
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Do you think that your private body part is your sexy part that will invite so many attentions if it is shown? Sie sich gerne privat als Kunstwerk erleben, mit Fotoshooting in unserem Bodypainting-Studio? Wie Sie bereits gesehen haben, gehen wir individuell auf jede noch so verruckt scheinende Idee ein. Zum Abschlu? malte Matteo als Demonstration noch zwei Facepaintings auf Kursteilnehmerinnen. Ring Finger Tattoos are the type of tattoos which are engraved on the ring finger in different fashions.
Below is a collection of 25 beautiful ring finger tattoo designs in various colors and shapes. Also, I'm struggling for inspiration for new tattoos - anyone know good websites for ideas? It's based on a bit in the film 'The Fountain' where the main character self-tattoos to mark the passing of time and is meant to be a little like the rings of a tree in terms of meaning. I got it when I was 30 - the idea had been that there would be 30 rings to represent my age at that time. I've tried looking online but all I can find are the stereotypical sort (eg cheesy in some way or other).
Ex-girlfriends names, badly-drawn cartoons, all sorts of stuff that you would expect he'd regret. If the early thought was tree rings, there is no reason that some of the lines can't be bisected as suggested by jwhite1979, although those lines are far more geometric than a tree ring!
Regarding the tattooist that did it, I feel more annoyed with myself than them (although with hindsight they were clearly an idiot) - I was pretty naive and I should have stopped them or challenged them a bit more. Also lines that aren't parallel with all the other ones (one oval starting near the top of the wrist and going towards your elbow could drastically change the look of the whole tattoo, while still keeping with the design).

Patrick’s day is quickly approaching us and because of this there will be a lot of drunk Irish men and woman roaming the streets as they stagger out of bars and taverns across the world. Begin by drawing a simple heart like so and make sure it is as simple as you can make it because this is a real simple design concept.
Begin this step by drawing the right hand that is grasping the heart the very same way you drew the first hand. Again, draw the wrist and then some of the band or arm of the hand that is holding the heart. Now you will begin sketching out the outline of the crown like so, and this should be a very simple task to tackle. Next, draw the ring or band like so, and then add some detailing lines on the inside of the ring to give it that dimensional feel. Lastly, sketch out the detailing or engraving on the heart, hands, cuffs or wrists, and then on the crown.
Wenn Sie sich fur einen Facepainting- oder einen Bodypainting-Kurs bei uns interessieren, werfen Sie doch mal einen Blick auf unsere KURSE- Seite und fragen Sie fruhzeitig nach Kursplatzen an, da unsere Kursplatze immer ofter ausgebucht sind. However, the tattooist decided half way through she didn't have enough space for 30 so there are significantly less (thus destroying part of the meaning of the tattoo!). I really like modern look tattoos that aren't so whimsical or macho, but can't seem to find any resources for this kind of thing. Also, if you look at this slighty different, you do have 30 rings: 16 black ones and 14 flesh colored ones. Anyway, I've learned my lesson, although one problem I have is that none of my friends are really into tattoos so I don't really have any way of assessing the skill or otherwise of tattooists in places near here.
You might also want to check out tattoo conventions, not necessarily to get tattooed at one, but to get inspiration.
It’s also called anti mainstream thing because they always do and have different thing from other people. Additionally, it just doesn't look quite right somehow to me, so I want to alter it somehow (perhaps by covering over some of the square bits or adding more lines, or filling some in, etc). Every tattoo site seems to be the same old stuff of either flaming skulls or mystical type stuff. If there aren't any artists in your area that you like, consider finding one that's within a reasonable traveling distance, contact them, and make the trip.
I don't know what'd look best though and would really like some creative advice or just some fresh ideas as I feel like I can't look at it objectively.
Instead, I thought of one thing that I remember seeing and hearing about all the time as I was growing up as a kid. But, for couple who has been together for a long time, have twin things are too childish to be done.
There are people that love to show their only dark side than showing their good or white side.

It is a piece of jewelry that has been a part of Irish culture for centuries and will stay with their culture for centuries more. Twin tattoo is the alternative way chosen by mature couple, something that is not easily disappear and vanish.Marriage is identical with couple rings. I went to the nearest tattooist but they weren't any help as they didn't seem very interested (they don't have a good rep anyway).
I was going to make a tattoo style ring, but then I thought a traditional design might be better because the finished drawing can be given to a loved one for a gift on St.
From that fact above, the tattoo artist expand their creativity to satisfy the will of couple. The history behind these rings date back to over three hundred years ago and the fantastic thing about the history, is how much of tradition is behind the Claddagh ring. Even though there is so much behind a simple ring, questions like where did the Claddagh come from originally, and what is the meaning behind the ring itself. Since the gold and diamond are expensive, those designs of ring finger tattoos are so demanded by couple.
Besides adjust the cost, they can also make the eternal promise to be together each other in the ages.Single can also get this tattoo design on their fingers.
First off the ring originated in a small fishing village called 'Claddagh' and it is there where the traditions behind the ring started. As for the meaning and how the ring is worn, well from what I understand there is three ways to wear this ring.
Lovely word or foreign letter can be your option in choosing the ring finger tattoo design. The individual wearing the ring should be worn on the left hand with the crown pointing away from the heart of the person wearing the ring. For couple, you both can choose the loveliest design like diamond, love date, the name of each pair. Another way to wear it is on the right hand with the crown pointing away from the heart which signifies a person that is at a time in their life that they are willing to except love.
Then there is the way that people wear the Claddagh which is worn on the right hand again, but this time the crown is pointing towards the heart.
As you can see there is many meanings behind the ring and there is even more meanings that I don't know about because I'm not familiar with Irish culture.

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