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Helps discover natural secrets, dominates patience and temperance, influences the spread of Light and industry. Helps keep promises and obtain the friendship of the great, dominates good faith, influences sincerity and faith. Serves against the ungodly and defilists, dominates the sciences and arts, influences discoveries and new methods. Aids against traitors, serves for victory over enemies, dominates arsenal, influences frankness. Protects against unfavorable spirits, against slanders, dominates mathematics and geometery. Helps maintain peace and harmony between countries, dominates faithfulness, respect, and devotion. Helps to conquer and to obtain the release from siege, dominates the sciences and arts, influences the meditation of the wise. Protects against lightning and infernal spirits, dominates creeds, influence and protects those who seek the truth.
Helps in consolation, and those who wish to have children, dominates morals, religion, and piety.
Protects against female sterility and rebellious children, dominates treasures and archives, influences the press.
Serves to obtain the friendship of a person, dominates astronomy and physics, influences the sensitivity of the heart.
Protects against and heals epilepsy, and calms anger, dominates vegetation, influences sleep and dreams. Confounds the evil, and grants release from enemies, gives victory, dominates weapons and soldiers, influences iron.
Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies.
Yesterday evening (whilst painting indoors) I listened to a BBC Radio 4 story via the daughter of Leo Szilard, who on July 4 1934 filed the first patent application for the method of producing a nuclear chain reaction - nuclear explosion. The program explained how prior to 1938 the idea of fission related to firing a proton into a nucleus, and Leo realised that neutron initiation would be easier.
After the war Leo was not written about in nuclear history, though his co-worker Fermi became well known. So either a proton or a neutron can split an atom and release energy, but then so too can an electron under the guise of 'electron capture' where the electron has been so excited or empowered to overcome orbital forces, this being either by photonic or electro-magneto-gravitationally induced impact ! Although Im not a proponent of electrons from atoms, I tend to lean towards aether extraction, polarized ions. I do not mean to imply that electrons cannot be extracted from an atom I just dont think this is the only way to free energy, if atomic energy is the path one wants to follow then one should be working with thorium or other radioactive materials and a heating circuit such as the zvs induction heater. But I believe there is a safer, cleaner way via the aether, ionization of the magnetic field and am working towards this goal. Tesla's view of radiant energy changed over time and where he ended up was what we call today nuclear power. Tesla believed that if radioactive materials could be shielded from cosmic rays they would cease to be radioactive.
As all readers of this thread must have come to realise, I have been striving to understand which fundamental mechanisms might be capable of inducing a release of energy from iron atoms in Hubbard, Hendershot, Mace-Meyer, Don Smith, Kapanadze and Akula designs. All of these gentlemen's equipments have in common a deeper core polarising field (either DC or low frequency AC), plus a pulsed field. Another thing they have in common is that they haven't been successfully replicated that I know of.
Another aspect, and one likely resonance related, is that the release of energy so far seen appears to have a repetitive pulsation quality, as if the energy release builds up to a peak and fades, only to be repeated following the next transient impulse excitation. I have felt as if I am musing for my own benefit here, for there has been very little feedback or opinion, yet I have continued because it is essential to understand the energy release mechanism involved *before* we can optimise equipments via which to generate it.

I have also come to believe that knowledgeable PTB are exerting peer review influence upon any 'scientific' papers which might inadvertently lead to anyone's discovery of the energy release mechanisms involved, and that not only does this information control relate to censorship, but to deliberate disinfo also.
Hence when an electron impinges a nucleus, not only does the nucleus become modified with attendant energy release, but another electron is also emitted by that atom. There are two other things happening in the video but I don't know enough about the JT circuit to know if they have an affect. If radioactive materials were legal (to order through the mail) then I would try to use them the same as Paul Brown did and (died in a strange car crash) Patented for the military, lighthouse and Satellite type 'batteries' you mention. I suggested neutrinos; possibly nucleus imbalance during 'electron capture' invokes unavoidable neutrino interaction, much as with the decay of radioactive materials. These notes have an identical basis to those published by Gustav LeBon in his 'Evolution of Matter' book !
This of course being where we can cause the very atoms of matter, via their electrons, to become the initiating source of UV>X-ray frequencies within an arrangement of surroundings. He found that what we now call UV-A had a small effect, UV-B more, UV-5 more still and frequencies beyond even greater.
He reported that in outside daylight the aluminium charge disturbance measured by electroscope deflection increased with sunlight and lack of clouds, but he also noted changes of reading which were beyond those explainable by visually observable conditions ! I do hope that other subscribers and visitors here read through your work and all of the recommended links in this thread too. In this regard the Hendershot generator sleeve was (via a magnetic vortex) being induced to emit radioactively. Each Angelic Name is created by adding El or Yah (7) to the end of the Shem haMephoresh Name which He or She embodies. In all of this, I hope that we will soon see more english translations of these old works for further study. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here. But not nuclear power to generate heat to spin a turbine but nuclear power to directly generate electricity.
Why not use a material which is less stable or possibly and iron core coated with a radioactive material? One pulse in a primary, immediately terminated, sets up a ringing pulse in a secondary and as the secondary rings down energy can be captured while no energy is being expended in the primary. That may account for the glow observed in some experiments like in Stan Myer's energy cells. That was in 1892 and the atom was still believed at that time to be the indivisible minimum of matter. During my explorations on the subject it occurred to me that most of the interesting effects occur at the boundaries of different things.
Heat increases the resistance in the wire connection and holding the unisulated aligator clip increases the capacitance. This method is used today for applications that require long term useage with little or no maintenance. That's why the fall time of the pulse in the primary is so important, hence the use of the spark gap.
While it is easy to get side tracked, the flip side of that is you are missing other people's experiences. It answers one of the things I've been looking at: what happens when you coat the insulated, elevated plate of Tesla's radiant energy patent with a low level radioactive material. A thermocouple in a water heater generates electricity at the boundary between the iron and copper components.
Electricity is generated at the interface between the copper and iron components when the thermocouple is heated. The Russians use RTG's to power lighthouses around the Artic circle because they are hard to access.

In Tesla's time the spark gap was the diode of the day and the magnetically quenched spark gap gave the fast pulse fall time needed. As a test I was going to make such a plate and use an old radio vacuum tube that emits soft x-rays covered in a lead shield with a slit or hole in it to focus the x-rays on the plate. I suspect this plays a larger part in John Bedini's work than most people realize - the coil cores are made of copper coated welding rods. Another aspect of the spark gap is that it can be truly unidirectional while modern semiconductors always have some reverse leakage.
Being blessed with such an outgoing disposition they feel comfortable in company, whether new or familiar,and never tire of entertaining fans with their hilarious antics. When the pilot light is lit and heating the thermocouple, the presence of the electricity at the controller tells it that it is OK to open the gas valve to light the main burner. It will operate at a power level sufficient to enable the probe operations for 40+ years with zero maintenance and zero down time.
That led me to thinking why are they unstable if a body in motion remains in motion and a body at rest remains at rest unless affected by an outside force. In the case of the space probes they are also engineered to produce heat because the probe needs heat to maintain other equipment on board.
Is the energy of the neutrino that outside force which tips the balance in radioactive materials so that they decay?
Neutrinos rarely interact with matter but considering their abundance and constancy it seems likely to me that the answer to that question is yes. I don't know enough about battery construction to know if that is the case in this instance but I think so since there is an interface between the electrodes and electrolyte which are two different materials or the elctrodes could be copper plated with something else which could cause the thermoelectric effect.
Keep in mind when thinking of Tesla's work that radioactive materials were not regulated by governments until the 1950's after they had been shown to produce atomic bombs.
They are thrown by change and surprises so a tight routine, familiar faces and places makes them feel safe. Although they aren’t fond of new developments earth sign babies will adapt but in their own time and dislike being rushed. People often mistake their reserved personalities for shyness but once comfortable their more extroverted side comes out to play.Taurus  Little Taureans have a great sense of humour and calm disposition. They are the most cuddly … and stubborn!Virgo Even as babies Virgos are analytical and logical. They are the sort of tot you can take anywhere, and while they need structure air signs bore easily so working a steady flow of variety into their routine keeps them happy. The element associated with logic and intellect, air signs are inquisitive, intelligent little creatures that thrive on mental stimulation. Highly independent they are the least likely to need coddling and crave space to develop their individuality and conclusions.Gemini Gemini babies are the most energetic and have the strongest need for stimulation. As the most emotive element these bubs are highly perceptive and easily pick up on the moods and feelings of others.
Sensitive and profound, they have the ability to move, delight and astound with their observations, actions and reactions. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve but uncovering the source of their discontent can be quite a challenge.
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