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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. If you like photography then a great way to earn some extra money is by selling stock photos.
Deposit Photos – Depending on the level of contributor you are on this site your income per photo will vary. Have you ever tried to make money selling stock photos, please share your experience in the comments below. I have tried using 2 or 3 companies in the past couple of years but their sites are so overloaded with photographs such as mine, mostly nature, that they are denied. Whether you are a professional or an amateur this is a great choice to supplement your income. Basically, stock photos are pictures that can be used by websites, blogs, graphic designers and many other people who require particular images for a post, or to complete a job. I do not have the time to take my own pictures for every single post that I do, so it is imperative that I can find a stock image to purchase online.A┬áStock photo websites are sites that actually host a myriad of high-quality images from people.

They offer different types of royalties and subscriptions to their buyers so you need to make sure you understand how your image will be sold. If you scan through the images on these websites you will see which ones are being sold more often than others.
If you do not already have a DSLR camera I would not recommend going out to purchase one just or the sake of selling stock photos. Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life. Some of the sites are so overloaded with content it’s hard to get started and noticed. So, for example, say you took a beautiful landscape photo that you know you will not be using for anything.
Some sites may ask to see samples of your work before approving your account, or have you take a written exam to make sure you understand their policies.
Find out how you can make money shopping online or how to start a blog to start earning cash from home now!

Selling stock photos is very common online, and I am frequently on these websites purchasing pictures. You can sell that photo online and make money for allowing someone else to use it for their website or work. You do not want to waste time taking pictures that will not earn you the money you are expecting.
Stock photo websites will sell your photo in different sizes so you want to make sure that the photo is clear and an ideal image.
There are a TON of stock photo websites, here are a few you can check out to start selling stock photos.

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