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Celtic shamrock tattoos can be a great way for a person to show their pride in their Irish heritage. Patrick was trying to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity, he used a shamrock to illustrate the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Celtic shamrock tattoo designs can be used on just about any part of the body and can be made just about any size without it losing its unique characteristics.
The Shamrock is a very important symbol in the spiritual belief system of Celtic and Irish people.
Check out the nice Shamrock tattoo designs presented in this site and pick up your favorite.

It can show that a person is proud of where they are from and lucky to be a descendent of the Shamrock Isle.
It consists of three leaves and looks quite similar to another Celtic symbol known as four leaf clover, which consists of four leaves.
A person can choose to have them done in the traditional Kelly green or they can have it inked in any other color of the rainbow, including tie die. During the early centuries of Celtic Christianity, the Shamrock symbolized resurrection and the hope of a new life. It is also known to symbolize life in general, and people who have a positive attitude towards life and like to embrace it often choose to wear this motif as a tattoo design.

As such, the Shamrock is often sported as tattoo designs that are both beautiful as well as poignant with inner meaning. It is often portrayed with Celtic knots which makes the design very interesting to look at.

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