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What is this?This is the number of points you get in The Zumiez Stash for purchasing this item. The Diamond Brilliant snapback hat in black and Diamond blue is a must have hat for anyone living that diamond life. For now I am mustering up all the energy and strength I have to take my kids on a huge group camping trip. On an ordinary weekend in February 2003, a gang in Antwerp, Belgium pulled off one of the most baffling and brilliant heists of all time. Leonardo Notarbartolo had rented a cheap office in the diamond centre two years prior to the robbery, which included a safety deposit box and tenant ID card, giving him credibility in the area and 24-hour access to the lock boxes.

Notarbartolo was so buzzing off the score that he lost his focus and made a devastating error. No one is quite sure why Notarbartolo got so careless on the final part of his mission – it boggles the mind that he could have been so sloppy. For years he posed as just another client when all the while he was hard at work – creating blueprints, planning routes, studying employee schedules, security layouts etc.
After celebrating the heist with his crew, he mindlessly dumped bin bags with the stolen security footage, empty champagne bottles, SIM cards used to plan the heist and their tools used to crack open the vaults, in a path of forest off the E19 motorway.
Inside one of the bags they found Notarbartolo’s half eaten salami sandwich and enough DNA evidence on it to link him to the crime.
All I know is they have been looking forward to this camping trip for a while now and with my hubby deployed I just hate to let them down.

I created A Diamond in the Stuff to share my creative ideas and gain some inspiration along the way.
The only theory is that someone had “forgotten” to lock it because there was no damage done and no way they happened to chance on the right combination. The heist is a subject of the book Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History and Paramount Pictures have bought the rights to make it into a film – produced by JJ Abrams.

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