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The ambigram tattoo can be inked under the form of a script or a graphic figure that can be flipped, inverted, mirrored and still read the same thing.
Ambigram are popular among the graphic artists, but they do require skills and a lot of patience. If you are a looking for a tattoo to represent your undying love for your family, a great idea is to get a tattoo that spells “Family” and when looked at from the other side to spell “Forever”. An ambigram design meant to fill the space, where the tiled word branches from itself and then shrinks in a similar manner, forming a fractal. A design where an object is presented that will appear to read several letters or words when viewed from different angles. A design that has no symmetry, but can be read as two different words depending on how it is interpreted or from which angle you look at it. A natural ambigram is a word that possesses one or more of the above symmetries when written in its natural state, requiring no typographic styling. An Ambigram that, when rotated 180 degrees, can be read as a different word to the original. Regarding places to have this tattoo inked, people often choose the forearm area because it is accessible, both for the “owner”, but for the viewers too.

When looking for a combination of words or just one word make sure you do your research properly and don’t rush into anything. Most people see it as an optical illusion and get truly fascinated with this type of tattoo. Some ambigrams can turn out to be really difficult to read or comprehend, but some are really easy.
This is usually 180 degrees, but there are rotational ambigrams with other angels too, for example 90 or 45 degrees.
Ambigrams that form different words when viewed in the mirror are also known as glass door ambigrams, because they can be printed on a glass door to be read differently when entering or exiting. Letters are usually overlapped meaning that a word will start somewhere in the middle of another word.
I have seen these tattoos placed on the entire arm, even hands, on the back, on legs or just the foot. You want something that will represent you even after 20 years have passed, not something you look down on and frown upon. The word spelled out from the alternative direction is often the same, but may be a different word to the initially presented form.

An ambigram is a method of reading a word from one perspective and a completely different one from the other perspective. In that period, Peter Newell, known for its books for children, published 2 books about ambigram.
This is a particular font that looks like an 80’s writing and sometimes can make the ambigram harder to decipher. I have seen this done with the words “Devil” and “Angel” and the guy explained to me that I all comes down to his childhood, when he used to feel a little bit devil-ish because he would just run around and knock things off. If you are not into that family font, you can choose a more narrow or straight looking font, maybe a graffiti, that will make your tattoo easy to read.

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