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This pencil drawing of a human skull was created for a Life Drawing studio at Kutztown University in the spring semester of 2002. How to draw skulls became recently almost a a€?must know skilla€? because of the extreme popularity of the theme during the past few years. A skull, that dark and somewhat weird theme which is associated mainly with death is now regularly appearing in fashion or accessories.
Whatever the reason for such popularity might be it doesna€™t need to be ignored or to pretend that it does not exists. A lot of us want to avoid drawing skulls because of its morbid charactera€¦but, come on, leta€™s take a bit different look at the whole thing. If you learn how to draw skulls the very first time, outline the entire shape by tilted loose hold pencil, the strokes would be more accurate and you will probably capture almost the perfect shape on the first try.

Every time, if you feel some difficulty, observe the final drawing and simply copy what you see. Especially the longer pencil strokes because they often determine the final shaping of the object, whether it is round or square, etc.
Pencil sketch of Rose May 16, 16 02:23 AMLittle did I know I was able to draw till I drew this. Before you start to draw, I would like you to observe first carefully the total shape enlarged, eye openings and their shape.
Slightly shade those parts, which will be darkened later in order to crate a preliminary plasticity and gradation. Very gently darken the face of the teeth so that your drawing will look more natural and realistic.

The download of this artwork by site visitors is only permissible for individual desktop use as long as no further copying, use or transfer is made.
Finally, outline the whole skull with a stronger pencil in order to stand out on the white paper.

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