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Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: White Dragon is a Mythical Zoan type dragon the fruit grants the user the ability to turn partically, or fully dragon form with all of the dragons abilities and some extra because of its type, In mythicalogical history over the years it has taken different looks and forms like the chinease dragon to a standard dragon and so on.
The apperance of the fruit itself is a see through orange with white tribal pattens going around it. The apperance of the dragon when they user transforms into it is a large white dragon with razor sharp scales, claws and teeth.

Gains each ability because of the dragon these abilities are super sences increased speed, agility, defences, strength and endurance. His hottest flame is at the temperature of 7, 500 to 10,000K the rest of his fire breaths are at lower temperatures, it enhances his scences and his strength, speed and endurance to that of a dragon unlike many other dragons it is more resistant to light due to it being white and white reflecting most of light it receives it is also quite resistant to the cold but can only withstand the cold for a certain amout of time mainly up to a week at most but would then need to return to the heat.

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