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Butterfly tattoos are a good choice for a first tattoo because the design doesn't need to be big to be striking. Delicate beauty: a butterfly is small and very delicate, but also very colorful and full of beautiful details. In Japan they believe that if a butterfly flies into your guestroom, the person you love the most will come to you soon. In some cultures it means good luck when a butterfly lands on you (imagine the luck you'll be having when you have one on you permanently). For the ancient Aztecs, butterflies were the souls of deceased warriors or women who died while giving birth.
Butterfly tattoos combine well with tribal elements, especially on the lower back because of the symmetrical nature of a butterfly. Lower back butterfly tattoos are usually larger, more stylized butterfly images that stretch across the lower back, one of the most popular places to get a tattoo nowadays (but also known as a tramp stamp). To sum it up: butterfly tattoos are among the most versatile tattoo images, which helps explain their popularity with women. The raging dragon looks very intimidating and stands for the fearless and aggressive nature of the wearer.
This ankle tattoo motivates the girl to take concrete and confident steps to realize her dreams.
This small and cute butterfly fluttering around the ankle is symbolic of freedom and bliss. Done with spiral, floral and geometric pattern; this ankle tattoo looks very sublime and tasteful.
This ankle bracelet tattoo bears the initials of the girl’s lover and is an expression of love and tribute.
The girl wears this ankle tattoo as a lucky charm and hopes that all her dreams will come true one day.
This black and purple cat tattoo has a cool cute charm that symbolizes cleverness and mystery.
This beautiful ankle band tattoo created with a heart and ornate chain design looks very charming. The wearer got multi-colored butterflies and flowers etched around her ankle to express her love for nature. This blowing dandelion and the flying birds stand for the wearer’s troubled past that she has overcome finally. The small pink hearts and the vine create a smooth and symmetrical tattoo design on the ankle.

Black and gray flower tattoo, sitting around the ankle, looks very sober and symbolizes the grief of the wearer. This slender flower, covering the ankle, looks very comely and stands for love and harmony. The cherry blossom flowers and butterflies, engraved around the ankle, stand for beauty and liberation. Check out this simple ankle tattoo showing the image of a kangaroo that symbolizes balance and strength.
All the ankle tattoos shown here are very beautiful and the one which i liked the most is Adorable Ankle Tattoo its just more beautiful than other tattoos.
Daring Dragon is a very innovative ankle tattoo design which looks very attractive and cool.
Wow these Ankle Tattoos are so unique and amazing i have never seen the tattoo on the ankle really they are looking very nice.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Since, the tattoos made on foot look delicate and small, so the foot tattooing is thought to be the ladies’ department who would engrave anything on their feet from fruits to flowers and from heart to the portraits of their favorite cartoon characters like Tweety. It is a big fact that the process of tattooing is painful and the customers have to pass through a tremendous ordeal to engrave their favorite tattoos on their bodies. Those who have tattoos on their bodies are brave in a sense that the foot skin is thought to be very delicate and it is not easy to have tattoos on that place.
Butterfly tattoos are a feminine kind of tattoo and come in a great variety of shapes and sizes: colorful or black, stylized or real (like a monarch butterfly tattoo). Butterflies have always been an inspiration for visual arts, such as the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt a couple of thousand years ago.
A small butterfly tattoo (life sized or smaller) on an ankle or shoulder can be a pretty and graceful accent to your natural beauty. Having a tattoo of a butterfly symbolizes a new life, a new beginning after having gone through some rough times. On the other hand, it is not so delicate like most people think: contrary to the widespread belief, you can't kill a butterfly by touching its wings.
Tribal butterfly tattoos are often black, or a combination of a colored butterfly with black tribal swirls. The butterfly image is very symmetrical, so the middle can easily be lined up with the spine, the wings extending on either side. They are inherently feminine, but not necessarily girly, and you can make either a bold or subtle statement.

You can use this gallery photo: Girl Small Tattoos And Magic Designs to upgrade your style. This is why people love to wear them on their different body parts especially around wrists, arms and ankles. Most of the ankle tattoo admirers like to wear a bracelet kind of design so that they can flaunt a cool and modern accessory. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The men usually like the big and broad tattoos which represent their muscular bodies and they don’t like these types of tattoos.
There are hundreds of people who just engrave one tattoo in their whole lives, because they can’t bear that pain for second time.
Yet, all of these people have an advantage in a way that these tattoos are less expensive as compared to those which are engraved on the shoulder and upper arm.
They are the 4th most popular tattoo design, after tribal, star and cross tattoos and they are probably the most popular design for women and girls. This makes the butterfly wings longer and more stretched out than they would be in nature, but the image can be very attractive.
We would like to say thank you if you share this Girl Small Tattoos And Magic Designs to other people with facebook, google plus, twitter or other social media accounts. As far as motifs are concerned, flowers, stars, butterflies and artful tribal patterns are very sought-after by the women folk and they love to get them etched around their ankles. For men, the favorite area of engraving a tattoo is upper arm, shoulder and forearm, while the ladies prefer to have tattoos on their feet, lower back, and lower front and on their hands and wrists. On one occasion, when a media representative talked to a lady and asked about her experience, the lady replied saying she would never ever undergo this process again in her life because she had found this process time costing and painful. Many of them find the needle work around the ankle a harrowing experience because the skin is bony and there is not much fat to endure the pain. Still, the charm of an ankle tattoo is strong and it only promises to get better with time. It brings an incredible array of 26 images that show various kinds of tattoos created on and around the ankle.

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