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Ear tattoos can be placed on shell of the ear, behind the ear, on your earlobe or the area from behind your ear to the neck. Tatuaggi fiorellini Tatuaggi per tutti i gusti Menu Vai al contenuto Ricerca per: Tatuaggi fiorellini 4 aprile 2013Senza categoriaKalel Piccoli tatuaggi fiori sono di una bellezza mozzafiato. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Marilyn Monroe Tattoos, Neck Tattoos, Christian Tattoos For Women and Hip Tattoos. A tiny pink flower tattoo inside the ear looks very sexy and draws attention to the beautiful shape of the ears.
This is a superlative flower tattoo with the marigold designed in its natural color and a great 3D effect. Using all the primary colors of green, yellow and red this flower tattoo looks very striking and bright.
The poppy flower with its attractive pink shade is a very smart and trendy looking tattoo to have. Delicate looking flowers in a pastel pink shade make a beautiful tattoo that one would want to copy.
The light blue shading of this flower tattoo has a very bright and sunny-sky kind of look that’s very pleasing. A rosebud by any other name would look just as beautiful as this artistic and striking tattoo. Despite being in simple black color, the intricacy of this tattoo with a lily makes it worth copying. When you want to adorn your ankle this bright blue flower tattoo and brown stems is a great combo.
The pink lily designed in its natural color along with bright green leaves makes this a very beautiful tattoo. The butterfly is attracted to the bright pink color of this flower tattoo and they look great together.
Geometric design stems drawn in the tribal style makes this flower tattoo look really modern and unusual. Bright pink lotuses are a lovely theme for a flower tattoo, especially when designed so artistically.
The bright pink color of this lily is just what you need to make the foot tattoo stand out strikingly.
When you are looking for something attractive to adorn the foot, this bright pink flower tattoo is just perfect.
A creeper with different colored flowers is a great way to sport a very eye-catching tattoo.

A tiny flower tattoo like a small blue dot inside the ear is a tiny fashion statement that looks trendy.
When man cuts down a tree nature defies him by growing a lovely pink flower from the log like in this tattoo. A tiny tattoo behind the ear of a bright blue lotus designed upside down is a very trendy and smart tattoo. Two identical lotus tattoos in a bright pink shade looks very vivid and attractive despite being small. The intricate lines and shading of this blue lotus tattoo is something worth admiring and imitating. The eternal romance between a bright flower and an equally colorful butterfly is depicted well in this tattoo. When you are looking for a beautiful pink color, classy shading and fine outlines this flower tattoo is just perfect. An aster with its numerous petals looks great as a flower tattoo even when designed in just brown color. A sprig with just one tiny blue flower is great as a first time tattoo because it still looks very eye-catching. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Depending on the meaning of the chosen flower tattoo it can represent the features of the wearer similar to the symbolization of the flower. Besides choosing the tattoo design that looks nice and brings out your favorite flower image you are also supposed to get acquainted with it’s meaning to know whether it describes your individuality or not. You can have different kinds of tattoos at different parts of body, like neck, chest, back, arm, leg and thigh etc. Birds, trees, clouds, forests, sea, sunrise, sunset, mountains, etc…there is no dearth of topics from nature that inspire art.
There are some flower tattoos that are considered to be main stream tattoos and have special symbolization.
If you are looking for a nice tattoo, than flowers are great ideas and they come up with a huge variety of designs. Among the most meaningful flower tattoos you can find roses, lotuses, daisy flowers, hibiscus flowers, daffodils, sunflowers and lily flowers.
They not only make an extraordinary body art, but also a permanent accessory that you will have forever.
Tatuaggi di fiori da soli sono stupendi ma poiche la maggior parte delle donne preferiscono tenere i loro tatuaggi piccolo o perche sono a disagio con il lavoro tatuaggio, vogliono nascondere i loro tatuaggi o vogliono solo qualcosa di piccolo, un fiore e una grande scelta.

In this article we have collected the best small flower tattoos for women that are going to inspire many women for their first tattoo. You can choose any idea that meets your preferences and interest and get it on any body part you want.
Disegni di fiori sono versatili e creativi, e possibile aggiungere un tatuaggio fiore di quasi ogni parte del vostro corpo e di qualsiasi dimensione. Since flowers are very beautiful plants and there are awesome designs of flowers that appeal most of us the majority of women choose a small flower tattoo as a first tattoo to represent their nature and to make their body more attractive. For example there are interesting legends about roses in ancient Persian culture symbolizing love and passion, lotuses play a great role in Asian cultures representing purity and rebirth, and sunflowers represent the sun everything connected with the sun and so on. Se ti piace rose, gigli, tulipani, qualunque essa sia, e possibile aggiungere tutti i colori e disegni come vuoi farla vostra.
Flowers have been the topic of many art forms since ancient times and monuments are examples that prove this point. These tattoos look amazing both as a single design or a combination of several elements like flowers and butterflies, flowers and stars or flowers and hearts. If you are interested about these meanings you can read our articles about each of these flower tattoos. Una grande nuova tendenza e sempre un mazzo di fiori da qualche parte sul tuo corpo e aggiungendo i vostri figli o nomi di famiglia lungo i petali. Flowers come in so many sizes, shapes and colors that the sky is the limit where choices are concerned. There are many cases when quote tattoos look complete depicted along with small cute flowers.
Now, have a look at these incredible small flower tattoos that look amazingly beautiful due to their shapes, small size and cute reflection on women bodies. A collection of small tattoos of flowers will give you an idea of how even a tiny flower can bring pleasure. Che si tratti di una rosa sul piede con viti tracciare la vostra caviglia o verso il basso per le dita dei piedi, o si stanno ottenendo un bel po ‘di margherita con la luce del sole sulla parte bassa della schiena, aggiungere alcuni colori brillanti ad esso. Alcune persone, anche in cima alla progettazione fuori con una frase o un nome, avrete questo tatuaggio sul tuo corpo per il resto della vostra vita e allora perche non divertirsi con essa e farlo tuo?
Ci sono alcuni splendidi disegni di seguito che si puo imitare o addirittura modificare la struttura per essere il proprio, aggiungere un po ‘di te stesso per la progettazione se e il tuo fiore preferito, il colore o il design preferito, sara stupendo e il proprio tatuaggio che ha un grande significato.

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