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Legendary horror movie icon Jason Voorhees is officially making his return to tv, after taking an hiatus from scaring kids at Camp Crystal Lake. About The AuthormatiaMatia Peebles is a native of Newark, NJ and a graduate of Virginia Union University majoring in English with a minor in communications. Local Dallas resident, legendary tattoo artist and worlds record holder, Oliver Peck, will hold a tattoo marathon at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas on Friday the 13th. July Alley will offer Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Drink specials after you have been inked up, head over for one of the featured drink specials.
The Sailor Jerry 1973 Vintage Airstream will be on site , with a photobooth so you can remember this moment in history. Oliver Peck, also lovingly known as  “Oliver Pecker”, began tattooing when he was 19 years old in Dallas, Texas. Working at Elm Street Tattoo, Oliver is also a past Guinness World Record Holder, for the largest amount of tattoos done in 24 hours, managing 415 tattoos of the number 13. Of course, it’s inevitable that one of our favorite pieces of Oliver’s work is a wonderfully lined and colored depiction of the state of Texas, along with an especially traditional rose and a banner.
Purchase the digital version of Oliver’s 50 page article as featured in TAM issue 12 for your hand held device or computer. To celebrate friday the 13th this year (as there are 3) i will be doing tattoos for ?13 from a specially draw flash sheet, the first sheet for January is here. Well my world travels have been most fruitful and enjoyable and as such i will be continuing to travel throughout 2012.
I have finally arrived in the very beautiful New Zealand, i am only here for a few weeks and i will be working in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, i am only in each shop for a limited time so email me or the shop to get in for a booking!!!!! I am excited to say i will be working the Auckland international tattoo convention this year, held 26th & 27th November.
So I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who got tattooed, bought paintings, bought prints and hung out with me during my year in Australia, it has been really mind blowing and a great experience. If you head down the newsagents this month pickup a copy of Tattoo revival, Tattz or Tattoo Expo magazines, i have a couple of pages of my work published in Tattz and Tattoo expo and a few pictures working at various conventions this year in Tattoo revival. I want to say a huge Thank you to all the Australian magazines and magazine editors that have done features, interviews and published my work since i have been out in your beautiful country. The good folk who organise the sydney tattoo expo are now bringing the show to melbourne in september, the dates ar 16th-18th at the melbourne exhibition centre, very close to the crown casino and melbourne cbd. Its the first one and if its half as good as sydney was this year im sure i’ll have an awesome time. I had a very enjoyable weekend working at the ptaa tweed heads tattoo convention, i met some awesome people and did some awesome tattoos! The stormtrooper tattoo i did on saturday won best of day which i am stoked with, it was a super cool idea for a tattoo and came out sweet! I have bookings available for the melbourne tattoo expo in september which will be my last convention in australia before i leave in october! I will be working up in Cairns at Obsession ink (formerly Cairns tattoo emporium) for a few days in august. I will be working with Jane and the crew at platinum ink from 23rd August until the 27th August, I am expecting to be quite busy so please email me if you would like a tattoo done! Well what can I say, I love brisbane it is my favourite city in australia so far and I am extending my stay here until the end of July. So I will be working with the awesome guys an gals at true love tattoo in sherwood through June and July, so come down and get tattooed!

I have had a few pages of work in various magazines since i have been in Australia but this is the first interview and first time i have been named on the front cover! I have just been confirmed for the 9th annual Logan tattoo and art exhibition, i will not be tattooing but i will have some of my original paintings for sale and in the exhibition, i will also be selling my new sets of flash, sketchbooks and t-shirts. I will be doing a short guest spot at high st tattoo in Shepparton vic on my way through to Sydney in march. I will be doing a guest spot with the lads at Happy Dayze tattoo in Lilydale for the next couple of weeks, its only a short distance from central Melbourne.
If you would like some work done while i am still in melbourne then drop me an email, i am in Melbourne until February 28th, its not long so hit me up an i can fit you in! Not long now until the sydney tattoo expo, after a very busy weekend at the rites of passage tattoo festival in Melbourne we are now super excited for the sydney show, i still have some spots left for tattoos so if you fancy getting something drop me a line i have had a fair few emails after this weekends show so get in quick! I am proud to say I am now writing a monthly travel diary for skin deep magazine, it will be running through 2011 and follow my tattooing adventures across Australia. The first installment hit newstands at the beginning of January in issue 194 which a lot of you have seen and thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Hopefully i will get to write about all aspects of the tattoo industry in Australia city to city across the outback and view it from an artists point of view, the industry here is growing and seems to be very exciting at the minute, with many things changing and moving forward. There are some exciting things planned for the magazine under new editor Sion Smith, so make sure you pickup a copy! If you would like to make an appointment with me for this or the sydney convention then please feel free to drop me and email to discuss your idea!
So i have settled in perth well and im busy getting on with buisness as usual at the shop, tattooing and painting! So time to blow my own trumpet for a minute and make myself feel big, clever and important! If you grab a copy of this months issue of skin deep magazine (sept 10 issue) there is a cool picture of me tattooing at the reading convention and a mention of Ouch tattoo in the accompanying article. Not much other news to report at the moment, just been working hard painting lots and preparing for my trip to australia, if you want a tattoo before i leave drop me a message via the contact page! So after a very successful weekend at bournemouth ink at the end of may, i am pleased to announce i will be attending the first ever reading tattoo convention! If you would like to get a tattoo by me at the show please contact me via ouch or the contact page on here!
The show is run by New Forest Harley owners group and has some cracking entertainment, should be a great weekend! Does Friday the 13th add to the “media’s representation of women as passive, dependent on men, or objects of desire” as many feminist film critics have stated?
The feminist critics that attack these films don’t seem to see the power these films contain. Halloween is right around the corner and here in Brooklyn you can celebrate it right many different ways. Despite all the damage George Lucas did to the mythos by introducing things like midichlorians, child actors and Jar Jar Binks to the universe, people still love Star Wars.
This is not the first time that Friday The 13thA was on television, way back in 1987 the first series debuted, after the success of the movie franchise and it was cancelled 1990.
Director Sean Cunningham is back to direct the reboot, he originally directed the show the first time.
Sailor Jerry Rum will be offering their support with samplings at the local bar July Alley and during the festivities.

His tattooing has stretched all over America, where he travels around every year on the Vans Warped Tour, tattooing any bare piece of skin he can get his hands on. Oliver moves at around 100 miles a minute, tattooing everyone he can while having a hell of a time doing it. He has a lot of fun with what he does, and lets his tattooing take him to other places in life. There are goin to be some rad artists working so check out the website and grab your tickets! I would especially like to thank AJ in Perth, the happy dayze crew in Lilydale, Narelle and Dean and everyone at High St tattoo Shepparton, the guys at the Inker kelvin grove, Mez and everyone at True Love, the boys at Obsession Ink in Cairns, Chris and everyone at Tattoo Power Canberra, Jane and everyone at Platinum Ink, Sydney.
I went to the newsagents to check out some of the tattoo magazines over here and found out i have some of my work featured in the current issue of tattoo expo magazine, issue 6 is available throughout australia at all good newsagents priced $7.95 pick up a copy an check out the selection of my work in there! Here, in Friday the 13th, is a young woman who must put all the pieces of the mystery everything together and save her friends in order to survive the night. In addition to all the parties happening, five awesome tattoo shops are treating you to something that will last forever (unlike your Halloween candy), $31 tattoos.
Oliver loves tattooing, and has made it a part of everything that he does; even producing artwork and shoes for the Vans Company he travels with each year. Another favorite is something you wouldn’t expect, of quite a biblical back piece, complete with naked angels, a sacred heart and a book you could assume, if you wish, is the Bible.
Luke Muller, good friend, gent and inspiration, Max Feconda, Mr.Encre, Jason at paradise city, Sam Rulz, Mick Squires and Kitty, lucky diamond Rich, Bev Robinson, Suzi Q , Claire Reid, Ness at inked magazine for the interview, all the tattoo magazines that published my work over the last year, thank you all very much and i hope to see you all again soon. I also still have some appointments available for the rites of passage tattoo festival, and limited spaces left at the sydney expo so drop me a line if you want some work done! And survive she does, something that not a single other male does in the course of the film.
Oliver’s also known to adore Friday the 13th, and always does at least one tattoo of the number 13 each time the calendar tells him to. Oliver has created some incredible tattoos in this style, including huge anchors and American flags sweeping over a client’s chest, huge balding eagles taking up another’s back and grand sea ships swimming over a bright blue sea. Of course, Oliver still keeps to his traditional roots by adding in some roses and making the angels look not too different from a pin-up tattoo.
In fact, looking at the series as a whole, it takes the franchise until Part 4 before it even allows a male to survive in the end. People don’t go to Friday the 13th expecting a great, cinematic movie going experience; they are going to Friday the 13th to have fun. It should come as no surprise that this male is survived with a female who, once again, was forced to save the day on her own. Jason actually took root as the indestructible villain in the second film, with his signature hockey goalie mask coming later. Whereas in other film genres, such as romantic comedies and dramas, where females are pushed aside to “girlfriend support” roles, Friday the 13th tries to do something different with gender roles by making the males the “supportive partner” and forcing the young female teenager to go take charge and save the day.

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