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It is very simple to understand why this kind of tattoo design is becoming very popular amongst men and women. First one as side of our hands is a very obvious part of our body and you can easily showcase your tattoo anywhere. A tattoo on anyone's hand usually depicts a very public statement about his or her personality and interests. Since this is an obvious part of our body and at the same time, it has enough space to hold any cute design. Anyway, guys and girls let's see on this guy has a tribal scorpion on his side of right hand. We think a small intricate tattoo design on the side of hand can enhance the look of your hand. You have so many options available for tattooing on your side of hand such as stars, cross, saying designs, ribbon and the most popular flowers. As far as color of the design is concerned you must choose black color for your side hand tattoo.
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A hooded jacket and silver accessories complement the wide sunglasses that seem to hide unreadable secrets. A comic smile, straw hat, chunky silver jewelry and casual T-shirt are the best accompaniment for a simple tattoo that defines youth.
Black corduroy trousers, white long-sleeved shirt and a white hair band is an epitome of style and charm in its simple combination. A beret style cap, a scarf tied loosely around the neck and white shirt are a perfect combination of style that go well with a simple tattoo. The stark white jacket in this picture is balanced very well by the multi-colored cap, large stylish glasses and an elastic wrist band. The fire and ice combination motif of the red and white ensemble is perfect for winter sports. A tablet adds to the highly modern outfit of yellow shirt, dark trousers, sneakers, wrist bands and a designer watch. The short funky hairstyle in this picture completes the picture of rebellion with the boy sticking his tongue out.
The cool winter wear, smart designer dark glasses, a chunky silver chain…the style quotient is complete with a simple tattoo. This snap shows how even a partially visible tattoo can add style to a simple white T-shirt and a sun cap ensemble.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Chemotherapy in early stages: Chemotherapy is proving to be beneficial in many patients as an additional (adjuvant) treatment with surgery or radiation. Chemotherapy in advanced disease: Chemotherapy may be used as first-line treatment in patients with inoperable or metastasized lung cancer. Most chemotherapy regimens use platinum compounds, either cisplatin (Platinol) or carboplatin (Paraplatin). Side effects of chemotherapy treatments are common, and they are more severe with higher doses. Nausea and vomiting: Drugs known as serotonin antagonists, especially ondansetron (Zofran), can relieve these two side effects.
Serious complications of chemotherapy can also occur, and vary depending on the specific drugs. Severe drop in white blood cells (neutropenia): Certain chemotherapy drugs, such as taxanes, pose a higher risk for this complication than other drugs.
Liver and kidney damage: Amifostine (Ethyol) reduces the risk for kidney damage in patients taking repeated regimens of cisplatin-based therapy.
Allergic reaction, particularly to platinum-based agents: A simple skin test is under investigation that may identify people with a potential allergic response. Second-line chemotherapy is used for patients whose cancers have come back after the first round of chemotherapy.
Gefitinib (Iressa) was approved in 2003 as a second-line therapy for non-small cell lung cancer.
Particularly for more aggressive or advanced cancers, different combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy may be tried. Severe inflammation in the esophagus is the most common severe side effect of the radiation and chemotherapy combination. Although patients over 70 may suffer more from toxic effects than younger patients, studies now suggest that they can achieve survival rates with combined treatments that are equal to those in younger patients. The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Either you can get tribal designs or initials of your name of your loved one on your side of hand.

But remember one point our hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body and will suffer from sunlight. A lot of women are getting tattooed for apparent reasons – it could make them extremely girly and chic. To make a style statement it is necessary to be a little adventurous in ones outfits, hairstyles and accessories. Some will flash their strength on the biceps with an attention seeking tattoo created with a blend of colors and themes. The black and white striped long-sleeved T-shirt looks superb with the sleeveless leather jacket.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Chemotherapy TreatmentsChemotherapy is the use of drugs given by mouth or injection to destroy cancer cells that may have spread beyond the tumor. It is typically used in late stages to reduce symptoms and, in some cases, extend survival. It is approved for patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer who have failed one type of chemotherapy treatment in the past (it is a second-line treatment). Pemetrexed, known as an anti-folate, is a new drug for first-line treatment of advanced nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer, in combination with cisplatin. Chemotherapy is a form of treatment for lung cancer that may cure, shrink, or keep the cancer from spreading.
Serotonin antagonists work well in nearly all patients given moderate chemotherapy drugs, and in most patients who take more powerful drugs. One treatment involves transfusions or injections of erythropoietin, a drug that increases red blood cell production.
Most patients are able to continue with their normal activities for all but perhaps 1 or 2 days per month.
A drug called granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (filgrastim and lenograstim) can improve the white blood cell count.
It is also a radioprotector; that is, it helps prevent severe effects in the esophagus from radiotherapy, with or without chemotherapy. Several of these agents listed below have prolonged survival for patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Docetaxel is the drug of choice at this time for cancers that do not respond to initial chemotherapy.
Pemetrexed, a first-line treatment of nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer in combination with cisplatin, is also approved as a single second-line treatment of the same type of cancer. Research is focusing on drugs that block small molecules involved with the growth of blood vessels that feed the tumor (a process called angiogenesis). Recent large-scale clinical trials have failed to confirm any survival advantage for most patients. Evidence is now supporting the use of platinum-based chemotherapy after surgery in some patients with lung cancers. In more advanced cancers, investigators are researching very intensive treatments that use two or more combinations of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. There is also a very high risk of serious infections, including pneumonia, herpes zoster, and cytomegalovirus. Research shows that aggressive pain relief can help patients better manage cancer treatment symptoms. The correct use of these strong medications is very important for reaching acceptable pain relief and preventing a toxic response. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
We think there is no need to tell you that side of hand tattoo has become a great choice for a hot tattoo design. Like the other zodiacs, it has the character that used by tattoo artist to make a great design of Taurus tattoo. Tattoos are a form of accessory that enhance the looks and make a statement at the same time. Until recently, there has been some doubt about the effectiveness of chemotherapy for lung cancer.
Since 2006, the combination of bevacizumab (Avastin) and platinum-based chemotherapy is also a first-line treatment choice for patients with advanced, non-squamous cancer.
Many experts are pinning their hope on agents called biologic response modifiers, such as gefitinib (Iressa). Unlike gefitinib, erlotinib shows survival and progression-free benefits compared to placebo. Researchers are still investigating how many chemotherapy cycles to administer in late-stage cancers, the timing of those cycles, and the sequences of the drugs. Some studies suggest that side effects can be reduced by giving the drugs for shorter durations, without losing the cancer-killing effects.

Erythropoietin is available as epoetin alfa (Epogen, Procrit) and darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp), which requires fewer injections.
Compounds called growth factors, which may be important in cancer cell production, control the growth of these new blood vessels. Erlotinib is taken by mouth and has very low risk of side effects (rash and diarrhea are common).
At this time, gefitinib is available only for patients who have benefited from it in the past.
Studies have been mixed as to whether there are any survival benefits in patients with advanced lung cancer.
For example, radiation plus chemotherapy may be helpful in patients whose tumors are surgically removable.
For example, reducing pain in elderly cancer patients may markedly lower their fatigue levels, and improve other symptoms as well. You can acquire Small Cross Tattoo On Finger guide and look the latest Small Cross Tattoos in here.
Tattoo design usually takes one thing to be the main design, later it is developed to be a great design by adding some adornments or ornaments. A major analysis of 52 trials supported its use, particularly with platinum-based regimens, and with the combination of supportive care. This regimen can also include gemcitabine, docetaxel, or vinblastine (vindesine or vinorelbine). To date, however, they have not achieved better results than standard platinum-based chemotherapies.
Pemetrexed does have some serious toxic effects, but they can be significantly reduced with folic acid and vitamin B12 supplements. For instance, a three- or four-course cycle may achieve the same survival times and better quality of life than the standard of six or more course cycles. Efforts are under way to identify which patients are more likely to benefit from these therapies. It is less toxic than docetaxel when docetaxel is given every 21 days, but not when it is given weekly. Researchers are interested in medications that literally turn off these growth factors or their receptors. Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. Whatever the theme may be, a tattoo will tell a story of the character of the wearer in a single shot with its graphic details.
Gefitinib (Iressa), a second-line therapy for non-small cell lung cancer, is now available only for a limited group of patients. However, changing even one day in a drug sequence can sometimes significantly affect the outcome.
Because platinum-based agents are most often used first, they are not beneficial for second-line therapy.
When you know the meanings behind, it’s definitely strong personal statement besides the girly style.
The gemcitabine and vinorelbine combination might be a good option for patients who cannot tolerate platinum compounds. These patients have benefited from gefitinib in the past, or they are enrolled in a clinical study with the drug.
Such fine-tuning of chemotherapy regimens is likely to have the most effect on patients with advanced-stage disease, which requires more tailored treatment than early-stage disease.
Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited. While this medicine initially showed great promise in clinical trials, results from a newer study failed to show that it prolonged survival in advanced lung cancer patients who failed other treatments. It is not clear if the weekly schedule achieves survival rates comparable to those of pemetrexed, however. They want to show the world that they are believers that want to get near to their God.Small tattoo is formed as a girly tattoo.
This small cross tattoos will not be disappointed because this tattoo can avoid you from much pain.
It effectively gives confidence to get what you want because your God is always on your side.
If you don’t like words, you can also put heart or something that will prettify you small cross tattoo design.

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