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It seems like everyone who’s had at least one tattoo has a different new tattoo care tips.
This will allow it to remain sterile and stop bleeding enough that it will be okay to be exposed to the open air. The skin where the tattoo was applied will be swollen and may bleed for a short time following each tattooing session.
Chemicals in pools can dry your skin and negatively affect your skin’s ability to heal itself properly.
The ocean is full of salt and, while it tends to make things heal fast, it can do it too fast for your tattoo. The ocean is also abrasive which means the motion of those waves could be abrading all that new ink right off your body.

Air will help dry the skin and allow your skin to close and form a protective barrier around the ink. This is a very important stage in the new tattoo care process as it insures that your ink stays where the artist put it.
While your tattoo is air drying, avoid letting it get wet — that includes sweat, too.
Keep an eye on it to make sure the swelling goes down (it will take some time, sometimes a couple days). If your tattoo does become infected, see a physician as soon as possible.Once Your New Tattoo Has DriedKeep it clean and moisturized. Do not scrub the tattoo, just smooth over it with cool, soapy water and then pat dry (also gently).

You’ll want to avoid moisturizers that are petroleum based as they can cause the ink to leach out of your skin.
Lubriderm is the recommended lotion for new tattoos because it meets all of these requirements.Products containing alcohol are also not recommended.
Just beware, products marketed solely as tattoo moisturizers can be more expensive than a good lotion, which does an equally good job of moisturizing your tattoo.New Tattoo Care Time Frame We know, it can be a hassle taking care of a new tattoo. Two to three weeks can feel like forever, but new tattoo care is an incredibly important part of the process and not following these steps could mean damaging your tattoo or getting an infection.

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