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Sifting through the smallprint to work out which sites offer 100% free, no-strings attached photos for personal AND commercial use is hard work. Professional photographers can create their own profile on RGB to offer giveaway photos - a nice way to generate publicity. Don't let the name put you off - this is one of the web's biggest and most popular free stock image archives. Browsing is tedious, quality is mediocre but the site is useful for the sheer depth and variety of images. Wikimedia Commons is massive media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media. Our main biz is web design, we give-away free stock photo downloads in return for the publicity generated. What "FreeImages" lack for in quality they make up for in sheer variety of photos they have on there site.
A promising site with thousands of free stock images, clipart, textures, graphics and 3D-renders. Photographers can create an account and load up their own photos and receive shares and feedback, much like 500px, but far easier to get published.
A small but high quality collection of tastefully shot photos that are refreshingly different from your standard stock photos.
A talk on stock photography wouldn't be complete without quick look at the giants paid digital photography.
The "budding" photographer that I am (term to be taken very loosely), I would like to point out two more websites that only offer very high quality, stunning images.
StumbleUpon will require you to specify your interests, hit the "Stumble" button and upvote pages you like. I have put together this comprehensive list of quick tests to find out how well made your website is. You probably have struggled a lot when it comes to finding a single image that suits the requirements of your upcoming design project. Thus to save your valuable and precious time, you should have an exclusive list of websites to find free stock photos. Thus to keep the budget under control as well as save your valuable time, we have come up with an extensive list of 30 websites to find free stock photos. Search engine for free stock photos and clip art for the stock photography community including images of creative commons and public domain and other free licenses.
Owned by Yahoo, this is one of the foremost choice of almost everyone to search for really impressive free stock photos.
The photos on Imagebase are free to use, and are licensed under a Creative Commons license.
Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not! FreePixels offers free high resolution stock photos for use in both personal and commercial design projects.
Openphoto groups their completely free photos by categories, and offers a search function as well. The photos, although quite small in number, look good and have been post processed by professionals. is one of the best source for free stock photos and clip art illustrations. Free web photo is a resource of high quality royalty free stock photos, our photographs have a multitude of uses from canvas prints, brochures and other company literature, websites and more.
Another huge stock photo database, where you can search among more than 9 million images is Dreamstime. Similar to Stock Xchng, here graphic designers can choose from a huge collection of high quality photos which are completely free. In this case there is a different policy: you can download for free the pictures from the huge stock photo collection available here, at a medium resolution, on the condition that you promote them on your site (by providing a link to the source of the picture you choose to publish). Here you can choose from a collection of 5000 free stock photos and 8000 cliparts that are completely free to download without registration.

The Creative Commons Search finds images through Google and Yahoo, Flickr,, jamendo SpinExpress and Wikimedia Commons.
Woophy takes Cepolina’s map concept one step further: the home page is a giant map of the world!
Free images is a high quality resource of digital stock photographic images for use by all.
A huge collection of photos available for download for free- at medium and high resolution! You’re completely free to use the 25 000 stock photos and textures available on this site for personal or commercial use. Working for a design agency the last 6 years, and not providing a budget for stock images, but when we did, we used istock, it got quite tedious searching for images to use. If I were to do this then which stock site would allow me to use the images for these purposes???. JonnyBoy, the issue many agents will have is that you want to resell artwork which require special terms – many agents are not willing to do this. Its a very nice collection for downloading stock photos i have not tried some of the sites shown here so i gonna try those.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. This list of free stock photo websites offers you a wide variety of options for finding stock photography images you can use in your design projects, blogs and other situations requiring graphics.
Update: We have received many complaints regarding some of the websites featured in this roundup. This photo-sharing platform was created by Michael Jastremski in 1998 and is targeted towards artists, developers, students, and teachers.
This site has a large gallery of over 395,000 stock photos contributed by more than 30,000 photographers.
This 100% non-profit, ad-free site started in 2001 to make quality public domain photos available online.
Wikimedia Commons has a massive database of over 15 million freely usable media files including images, video, and sounds. Likely the biggest photo-sharing site on the Web, Flickr has a section devoted to content offered under the Creative Commons license. A large stock photo website with over 20 million premium royalty-free stock photos, Fotolia also offers some of its photos for free. There are plenty of other websites that provide free stock photos — but these 10 are my picks. I quickly read this article again, and I didn’t spot a place where it says that Flickr is a royalty stock exchange site. If you are a website designer, blogger here you can download high resolution Free stock images for free.
This is a good article but there are very few websites that offer REALLY FREE PHOTOS (no attribution, no registration, no adverts) which are high quality and easily accessible. This is really good post, but which of these resources can O download images from without any conditions, ex. Thank you for sharing this link, as well as for giving us a bullet-point list of important facts potential users should know about it. Some are generic submit-your-own sites such as photo monolith Flickr, others cater for niche markets such as travel or macro photography. To save you time, we've put together a list of the best absolutely free stock photo websites. Morgue File aims to provide image reference material for illustrators, designers, teachers and other creatives. Powerpoint has limited ability, and if Photoshop is too advanced for you, try Picmonkey - an awesome free photo editor to help you edit your free stock images - and turn them into content marketing weapons. Sometimes the search for a perfect image is so difficult that you end up spending more time searching for the right image to use, rather than focusing on your design project as a whole.
Although you do have the option of going with paid stock images, but these premium stock photos can cost a lot of money and it may end up putting your design project over budget.

You will get the free stock photos as well as free graphic resources from these sites that are listed below. They have a very big collection of high quality stock photos both free and for sale, in separate sections again. Each photo has an accompanying short story, which can be quite handy, and certainly endearing!
Here the policy is different, as the site offers photos both free and for sale – in different packages. Here you just need to sign up, and then you can download as many pictures as you want, at a very high resolution.
The images are gorgeous, image resolution is enormous, you can download without registering anywhere. Probably the largest collection of free images in one place but beware, some search results may not be Creative Commons so do your homework before using a photo. Now, you can get your design project underway and don’t have to worry about struggling to find the right stock images. This is truly a great source of inspiration for us photographers and lovers of beautiful images.
I would for instance montage the cars to look like they are on fire, make them appear to be floating on water..
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. An important note: Always read the licensing terms of the image you wish to use to determine how to use it appropriately.
We recommend reading our more recent coverage of free stock photo sites instead: Where to Find the Best Free Stock Photos and 10 More Websites for Free Stock Photos. An interesting search method allows you to find photos by the predominant color it contains.
It’s been providing completely free high-resolution stock photos for illustration and design needs since 1996.
You can browse or search the content under each license type–this makes it easier to locate appropriate content for your blog or website. Also, when you try and upload photos now, you are often told that many similar images exist and so they are rejected! I have been using a free stock photo site, but the pictures really don’t pop and I want to add more high quality photos for my blog.
To the best of our knowledge, at time of writing, all images are free for personal and commercial use.
With the aid of these websites, you’ll never struggle to find the perfect stock images for your design project again.
These surreal manipulations would be incorporating vavious stock, and not focusing on one particular image.
Some sites I haven’t heard of before, but now I definitely will check them out (and hopefully find what I’m looking for). Copy, use, and modify these files as you wish — just follow the licensing terms of each file. I’ve used their images for some of my design projects and their price is affordable after comparing with others.
Just go to any of these free stock photos websites and pick the one that best suits your design needs. I would like to Download stock to use when creating montages and manipulations, which I would like to print and possibly sell.
The morguefile classroom provides a set of ten focused lessons to help you take better pictures.

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