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Flat design vector illustration icons set of modern e-store, shop of furniture, shop of gifts and cafe for relaxing after buying. More recently One Step Retail Solutions presented LightSpeed and Teamwork POS – the most innovative POS technology out there for retailers!
Teamwork POS, a solution for both PC and Mac as well as an iPad POS, has hit the market with a whole new level of intuition.
Jenny Brainard, from One Step Retail says, “It isn’t really a surprise that both these POS solutions are selling like hot cakes! When creating a store environment it’s important to design a floor plan that encourages browsing.
From there, let the case placement continue to lead them on their journey.  Do not break the flow with an awkwardly positioned museum case or other fixture. Over the next couple days, make a note of your customers’ shopping patterns and the length of their visit. So you’re back from JANY with a brand new collection of this season’s latest and greatest jewels and gems! It’s important that your store environment convey the look and feel of the jewelry you sell, as store design often dictates who walks into your store.  Fabienne Moit, for example, created a vibrant and trendy store to cater to her clients looking for one-of-a-kind beach inspired jewelry. The same goes for if you’re selling $2 million diamonds: you want to make sure your cases look like a million bucks, too.
So as you make room for your new arrivals, consider how your jewelry fits with your overall store design.
Some might think that larger retailers are the only ones deserving of a professional store design, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Recently, the Lamborghini Shop located in Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida found themselves up against stringent mall restrictions and space confinements during their kiosk design.
Partnering with Lamborghini on the design, lighting, and high end finishes, NK manufactured a kiosk that maximizes the small space to adequately house all the jewelry and watches without overcrowding the cases and effectively present important branded collateral. When owner Raymond Katzeff decided to integrate a Pandora shop-in-shop into his Toronto jewelry store, Moshe Fine Jewellery, he realized that the rest of his store could afford an upgrade to meet the quality standards of his new Pandora showcases.
Working with Moshe’s budget, NK newlook focused on the interior shop fixtures and chose pieces from the affordable and visually stunning Ready To Go Barcelona collection. While the Pandora shop-in-shop may act as the overall draw into the center of the store, NK newlook created an effortless flow that inspires customers to continue browsing and, most importantly, shopping as they exit the store. Bold colors have made a statement with this year’s fashion forward, but it is not just clothing enthusiasts who are embracing the trend. Working with the small, 141-square foot space, NK newlook embraced her vision by creating custom display cases in white to showcase her collection of pearl and semi-precious stone jewelry.
The custom quality of the display cases and retail fixtures subtly communicate the designer’s commitment to the evolution of the industry and her client’s growing needs.  Just like her jewelry incorporates and follows the latest trends, so does her overall company presence, including store design.
Opening the doors to her new store in early Spring 2011, Fabienne’s welcoming and bold colors certainly drew in curious customers, but it will be her innovation and dedication to her craft and business that will keep customers coming back.

NK Newlook manufactures store fixtures in small or large quantities for the retail industry. The basic design thumb rules of designing any space stay the same: safety and protection should never be overlooked. This would help integrate safety factors within the design and planning, and create a design output that is captivating and yet responsible. Services play an important role, not only in maintaining the image of the store but also in acting as a factor for safety and protection. Automation is the key requirement for retail spaces which involves CCTVs, access control systems, IP cameras, burglar alarms, smoke detector panels and water sprinkler systems.
The gap between the quality and standard of design seen in Developing countries and that seen in Europe and America is fast diminishing. In terms of retail spaces, many international brands have a unified design code across all outlets and thus manage to achieve the same quality of design output globally.
This entry was posted by Benzu JK on August 9, 2010, 9:36 am and is filed under Design Guide. I never considered how much work goes into designing what look to be just simple retail outletsd.
LightSpeed for Mac, with its easy to use, almost iTunes-like interface and its slick and elegant design, is a powerful system that has you managing your store with speed and accuracy. With its tremendous reporting capabilities, Teamwork is a web-based solution with architecture like no other system.
One client is using six iPads per store nationwide to take advantage of the most modern and attractive POS technology there is. Presenting the customer with a run-of-the-mill piece they’ve seen before could result in an about face and a quick exit from your store.
If you don’t see a general pattern or if your customer seems “lost,” a simple redesign could be the solution. In the midst of all the glitz and glamour of inhibited shopping (how could you say no to that last diamond engagement ring?), did you stop to consider how this new jewelry will fit into your current store design? Her unique, one-of-a-kind store compliments the jewelry she designs and sells, never misleading a customer and most always enticing the customer to make a sale. In fact, it is the smaller stores that often times stand to gain the most from a designer’s trained eye. The owners desired to create a luxury shopping experience in their 128 square foot space, as to stand out from their standard, mall-grade neighboring kiosks and challenged NK newlook to take on the project. This successful partnership is reflected in the satisfaction of the Lamborghini team as well as with the strong sales for this dynamic brand. Noting the quality, appearance and innovation of the Pandora cases, he trusted the project to NK newlook. Since Moshe’s Pandora shop-in-shop blends seamlessly into the store’s white wall interior, a mahogany finish was chosen for the show floor cases to allow them to pop while still complementing the existing dark wood wall cases.

The clean-line designed cases were designed to not overwhelm the space and allow the jewelry to take center stage for customers searching for the perfect keepsake jewelry piece from the island.
Staying relevant in today’s competitive and fast-evolving industry is important and with her new store design, Fabienne Miot has done just that. Veteran store fixture designer, Jean-Philippe, shares his expert’s eye and gives you eight tips sure to keep your store bustling with foot-traffic. Hasty decisions can affect your store long-term, so analyze your store’s layout with time and care. The company combines European design with superior engineering to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. Many a time, these factors are negated or given second place, depending upon the commercial utilization and viability of that particular space.
Thanks to globalisation and professional competition, the quest for a world class design output is seen in every facet of designing; be it architectural design, interior design or product design.
The Indian retail client of today realizes the need for a high quality distinct design to his retail outlets. Not only will it run on your Mac, but with the iPad POS function, one can ring up sales by scan or Quick Pick, take credit cards, signature capture; use it for line-busting throughout the store, as Customer Display with advertising or for stock counting on the floor.
Stores that are not laid out correctly run the risk of loosing a customer’s interest and therefore a sale. With both traditional jewelry pieces and a more traditional client base, their newly redesigned look is more than successful. Barth’s, jewelry designer Fabienne Miot opted to set her one-of-a-kind jewelry creations against a palate of white and striking magenta. Your merchandise might be top of the line, but poor lighting fails to lure customers and will hurt your sales.
People call upon experts because of their background, experience, and specialized knowledge.
He is co-owner of NK Newlook, a store fixture manufacturing company for the retail industry. These important factors should be taken into account right from the drawing board phase of the design.
This results in encouraging the design offerings that interior architects and designers create for the local markets. Customers notice the extra effort taken to create a cohesive shopping experience and continue to shop at Daoud’s year-after-year, and in this store’s case, generation-after-generation. A good professional will simply get the job done; a great professional will collect your ideas, incorporate your feedback, and create a final product that’s faithful to your vision.

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