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This article, Erik Magnus, has earned the status of Featured Article of the Month as voted by the administration. Erik Magnus (????????, Erikku Magunasu) is a potential S-Class Mage renowned throughout Fiore as the Lightning Master (?????, Denko no Shujin), for his extensive usage, knowledge, and eventual mastery of Lightning Magic and all related techniques associated with it.
Since becoming a member of Fairy Tail, Erik’s has gained widespread recognition as a talented and formidable mage, known for having dealt with some of the most dangerous criminals and Dark Mages within the Kingdom of Fiore. Sometime after the disappearance of all of Fairy Tail's most powerful members, including its Guild Master, Erik left the guild due to a disagreement with the Fourth Guild Master Macao Conbolt in regards to Twilight Ogre and their abusive ways. During the seven year's time between the Tenrou Island incident and the re-appearance of Fairy Tail's Guild Master, S-Class Mages, and all of its S-Class Candidates, Erik would come to be known as Oberon (??? (?????), Yosei-o (Oberon), lit. When he first appeared in Magnolia Town during the night of the Harvest Festival, Erik donned a white untucked shirt with rolled up sleeves and wide open collar. After the seven year timeskip, Erik has gone through some noticeable changes, with the upper right half of his face is always swathed in fresh white bandages.
His style of clothing has also changed throughout the years, now sporting a more traditional Japanese-style of clothing as opposed to his previous western attire. Despite the public’s opinion and the magic council's assessment of him, Erik is not what most people make him out to be, and underneath it all he is just a simple man trying to live his life according to his own views and beliefs, even though some of the choices he has made throughout his life hasn’t always been the right ones.
He apparently can handle stress extremely well and it is impossible to use torture to extract information from him, due to his strong will.
Despite easily being one of Fairy Tail's strongest mage's, Erik has shown no signs of arrogance and retains a level of humbleness, being rather modest about his abilities, as he readily complements others on their combat abilities.
Throughout the years it has been noted by several people, both enemies and allies alike, that he has an innate desire for conflict, and holds a degree of enjoyment towards battle. Two weeks prior to the clash between the Dark Guild Oracion Seis and the Light Team, Erik had come across the dark guild and was able to collect the necessary data that would be later used by the official guilds in their war against the Oracion Seis. Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: Aside from his powerful lightning-based attacks and magical abilities, Erik has shown time and time again that he is a highly dangerous combatant when unarmed. Lion's Roar Clothesline (????, Shishi Houkou): This move involves the user to charge towards an opponent with full speed and then extend their arm out from the side of their body and parallel to the ground, using the momentum gained the user hits the opponent in the neck or chest knocking them over. Lightning Wizard (??????, Kaminari Wizado): A simple attack where the user will charge towards their opponent, then raise their knee or jump up so that their knee hit the opponent usually into the side of the head or face.
Enhanced Strength: Erik possesses extraordinary physical strength, allowing him to easily overpower and manhandle someone as physically strong as Cobra, even without resorting to his lightning. Immense Endurance: While not having the most imposing of appearances, Erik is capable of fighting for long periods of time even when outnumbered with no visible signs of exhaustion. Lightning Body: Through the use of lightning magic, Erik has demonstrated the ability to turn his entire body completely into electricity, turning into a mass of pure electrical energy. Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his incredible resistance to injury and pain, it is very much possible to injure Erik.
Enhanced Durability: Erik's durability is further enhanced by the electrical energy flowing through his body, allowing him to survive falls from incredible heights and to withstand impacts that would kill an ordinary human, and critically injure a regular mage. El Thor (????(?????)Denko Hanketsu [Eru Toru], literally translated as "Lightning Judgment"): Erik generates a large amount of lightning in his dominant hand, and then releases it as a massive powerful thunder stream. Electromagnetic Sensory (?????, Kankaku Denjiki): The user can either use their lightning magic to produce a low frequency electromagnetic field within their visual range or send out an electromagnetic pulse that creates an "echo" that the user can read. Lightning Flow (????, Kaminari no Nagare): A lightning spell that requires the gathering of magical energy in either a concentrated spot or all throughout the body.
Shockwave (???, Shokkuuebu): A spell that generates electrical shock waves to push or get things out of the way or blast enemies back into a corner. Thunder Gun (??, Raigan): By positioning the hand to mimic the appearance of a gun, the caster release concentrated electrical energy in the form of a projectile from the tip of the index finger.
Static Shield (???, Seiteki Kabe): The caster creates a wall of electricity that acts a shield to protect oneself from enemy attacks and most forms of physical harm or trauma. Thunderbolt (??, Rakurai): By reaching up into the sky, the caster shoots out a plum of electrified magical energy into the clouds above, causing a torrent of lightning to come crashing down towards an opponent. Iron Sand Magic (?????, Satetsu no Maho): A caster type magic that was developed by Erik and further refined with the help of fellow guild mate Max Alors.
Kinemon Brook (???? ???? Kinemon Burukku) is the Guild Master and founder of the Burning Catarina Guild in Egalia.
Much like his appearance suggests, Kinemon is a very laid-back and lazy individual, the main contributing factor towards his alias. Sword Magic (???? Ken no Maho): Seemingly his primary magic, Kinemon employs Sword Magic in combat, in which he uses his signature cane-sword Aergia and also combines it with his Fencing to become a worthy opponent for even the most skilled swordsmen.
Moulinet (??????Morinei): Kinemon swings Aergia and fires a strong blast of destructive red energy blast. Light Magic (???? Hikari no Maho): Other than his sword magic, light magic is one of Kinemon's most powerful magics. Sleep Magic (????? Nemuri no Maho): Fitting with Kinemon's recurring motifs of sleep and laziness, he is able to cast spells which induces sleep in others. Sealing Magic (???? Fuin Maho): Kinemon is a master of sealing magic, being able to create various forms of seals of varying appearance and effect. Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Kinemon has practiced swordsmanship in the forests of Warsfeil for many years. Fencing Master: Although he normally demonstrates a lazy, one-shot-kill sword technique, he is a master of Fencing, which involves quick evasive movements contrasting with both his and his blade's personalites completely. Enhanced Strength: He also possesses impressive physical strength, as he is able to throw a table across a room and create a large hole in a wall. Enhanced Agility: In battle, Kinemon is rather agile and quick on his feet, despite never resorting to hand to hand combat, he is able to dodge most opposing attacks quite easily. High Intelligence: Kinemon is quite intelligent, composing and employing several magical seals and subsequently placing them on his sword to increase it's power. Immense Magical Power: He also possesses a large reserve of magical energy dwelling inside of him and seems to have complete control of it, releasing it only slightly to frighten opponents or a large quantity to leave others stunned.
Aergia (????Eajia): Kinemon's signature weapon is a beige-colored shikomizue(a blade hidden inside a cane) with a curved handle. First Seal (???? Saisho Fuin): A simple seal placed on the sword by kinemon due to his Sealing Magic. Final Seal (???? Saishu Fuin): A seal that, when released changes the form of the blade into a sleek, medium-sized sword. His appearance and several of his abilities are based on Kisuke Urahara from the Manga and Anime series Bleach. And a lunge, where the attacker extends his body to strike while remaining in a solid stance. Please Contact Fairies World if you are an artist and have fairy or fantasy artwork that you would like to see in the Fairies World Galleries. Courage, determination, being constructive, self-discipline, trusting your own abilities, compassion, seizing control of your destiny. Reversed: lack of faith, being driven by impulses, having a discouraged mindset, weak willpower. I believe putting much focus on it and helping out collecting money for research we can make a difference, even if it's small.
This accommodation is one of the highest achievements an article can attain, congratulations! He was a former member of the Magic Council alongside fellow mage and Wizard Saint, Lucia Morgan, having been part of the organization for three years before deciding to leave the council in order to pursue his own interests. He is also known for his incredible determination, strong will, and unprecedented bravery, having overcome great tribulations and trial’s to be the man he is today and as such his strength is acknowledged by the likes of Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Quatro Cerberus, and even the Magic Council. Unable to retaliate or take revenge for the humiliation inflicted upon his guild mates due to the debt they owed, he was forced to watch as Fairy Tail fell into ruin. He is seen as an attractive man with sharp facial features, and his hair altering based on the passage of time.
These bandages hide the socket where his right eye used to be, and the horrific scars and marks on the skin over and around it.
During his first meeting with the core members of Fairy Tail after seven years, he wore a simple black kimono with a light grey obi-sash around the waist and a dark coloured haori over the shoulders along with a pair of zori. Erik often uses a variety of scholarly quotes to illustrate his point of view, and some of his words have hidden meanings behind them. He also possesses a very sharp intellect and has good observational skills, as seen from his ability to gauge his surroundings, noting both mundane and unusual things, people and actions. He is also a good judge of character, being able to discern if a person is either good or bad, though it requires him to interact with a person mostly by making small talk or through conversation. Although he was not open about such behavior, and even denied it at first when accused of, but at some point in his life, he began to realize his own desires and the thrill he finds in fighting an opponent.

He was also responsible for finding the unconscious body of former Wizard Saint and perpetrator behind the Tower of Heaven incident, Jellal Frenandes, drifting away at sea near the remains of the Tower of Heaven. He also possesses great instincts and intuition which allows him to quickly become aware of his surroundings and react to incoming danger in time. He is a clever and resourceful fighter, known for his use of brute force and raw power to overwhelm an opponent in combat. The attack from the strike is powerful enough to hurl an opponent several yards away aand cause considerable damage to the upper body. During his fight with Racer of the Oracion Seis, Erik managed to block an immensely powerful kick and hurl him a great distance with considerable force, achieving both feats with only his bare hands while being under the effects of Slowing Magic. He is known to use his speed to surprise people by sneaking up behind them and is also able to move on without losing momentum while carrying an unconscious person over his shoulder. Not only did he fight against four of the six members of the Oracion Seis on his own, but also managed to emerge from the battle with only slight injuries. Various Lightning Magic): Erik always had a natural affinity towards lightning magic, which he has mastered to such a degree, that it has become a defining attribute by which both mages and ordinary people identify him by. The intangibility of the lightning element allows Erik to let physical and magical attack pass through his being when in the full body transformed state. In the rare instances that he is injured, his body is capable of repairing damaged tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than the body of a human being and almost all other mages.
The power of this technique depends on the amount of energy poured into it, but even at half power it was strong enough to destroy a large building.
In both cases the user is able to use this ability to locate enemies, allies and other living things which are usually highlighted with the users mind as a blue aura, the user can then figure out the difference between friend and foe depending on their magical signature. This part must be performed one minute in advance of the actual attack and held in till released from the user’s body. The user can either fire a large concentrated blast of electricity from the tip of the finger or can fire small consecutive shots at rapid successions. The shield is also quite durable as it can withstand against most magical spells, though high caliber spells may cause the shield to immediately break down. This spell is also capable of calling forth electrical storm that are powerful enough to devastate an entire area. Lightning Molding Magic)(???????, Raiko no Zokei Maho): Aside from utilizing lightning-based magic spells, Erik has also demonstrated the ability to use Lightning-Make, an Elemental Maker Magic that allows him to manipulate and shape the element of lightning into various objects, used for both offense and defence. Upon biting the enemy or getting close enough, the hound will revert back its natural lightning-state, electrocuting the target in the process. Once released the thunderbird charges towards its target and engulf them in mass of electrical energy. The offensive power of the lightning bull is tremendous, as it moves with incredible speed and force, destroying anything that comes in its path. He is able to utilize his mastery of lightning magic to generate magnetic forces through which he is able to manipulate iron sand or iron powder and control it in a manner similar to sand magic. He is able to execute swift offensive and defensive attacks with little effort and he often utilizes his sword in spells.
He is able to create light from his great magical power and fire it at the target ranging from beams and bullets.
He is a compotent opponent when using his sword, combined with extreme strength, speed, Magic and the many magical abilities his sword possesses. Again his sgtrength is shown in his usage of swordplay where he uses swift yet crushing blows to destroy the opponent's weapon and then finish them, unarmed. He is also a rational thinker, quickly spotting flaws in plans and then decisively create a solution to said problem. Because the blade resides inside the cane, the curved part of the cane functions as the sword's hil.
It seals a portion of his large magical power within the blade and can be released at any time, when released, orange magical energy envelopes the cane and takes on the appearance of a blade of orange energy, acting as a "coat" of some sort. The hilt's grip, which has black-decorative wrapping, bends forward at the end with a pommel shaped to look overlapped three times and a red tassel dangling from its base. His path would eventually lead him to the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore, Fairy Tail. Erik took the last job available and went his way, not to be seen again until the re-appearance of the missing team tenrou member’s. He has a variety of facial expressions, mainly used for specific situations, with some facial expressions show a genuine or cocky smile, while others show shock and awe. During his official introduction into the guild, he wore a light green untucked shirt with the sleeves rolled up once more, and the collar wide open, along with a loose black and green striped tie hanging from the neck. The injuries to the right side of his face were inflicted by a powerful dark mage, the full details of the event has not been yet fully disclosed. He makes it a point to dress in clothes that are just fit to his form, enough to appeal but not enough to hinder him in battle. Erik is an individual who has throughout the years has overcome a variety of ordeals and tribulations in order to become the man he is today. This allows him to quickly notice if something is not as it should be, as shown from how easily he can see through an opponent’s tricks. As such, he will not judge a person based on reputation or appearances, but will rather make his own assessment of them. Because of his love of battle, Eric does not hold back and tends to fight to the best of his abilities, however there have been instances in which he held back his power, though it depends on the situation. He was unable to retrieve the dark mage’s body due to the interference from Orancion Seis and the ensuing battle that would occur between him and its members.
Erik is an accomplished strategist and is considered to be one of Fairy Tail's best tacticians, both on and off the battlefield.
As with his magical skills, Erik has demonstrated great mastery in unarmed combat, having trained and honed his hand to hand combat skills to such a level that he is able to fight against individuals such as Cobra and Racer simultaneously, and also effortlessly catch a strike from a deceptively fast Dragon Slayer like Natsu Dragneel. Another variation is seen, while running towards an opponent, the user leaps up into the air, before connecting with a clothesline.
His raw strength is very great, obviously showing signs of super-human strength as he is capable of breaking through stone with a single kick, shatter the ground, and hurl a large boulder with very little effort.
In battle, he is more than capable of using his speed to block and dodge dangerous attacks.
Being his signature and preferred magical element, he has shown great mastery and possesses incredible control over it, being able to summon lightning from almost any source, be it from his own body or from nature itself, making no difference what so ever. He is also able to teleport by turning his body into electricity and strike from one place to another just like a lightning bolt. El Thor is Erik’s most frequently used attack, along with his hand to hand combat skills, it can be used against almost any enemy with devastating effects.
If the object or target is at a greater distance than the user’s current location then they require more concentration in order to track down their intended target. Upon release a high voltage shock will either travel through the point of concentration or through the body as a whole, delivering a shock capable of stunning and causing uncontrollable muscle spasms inside the intended victim. This spell is particularly useful for pushing back a large number of enemies and hurling pieces of rocks or other objects towards them, as well as being used to redirect energy based attacks of lower power.
The shield can be only used in the direction the user is facing as such the users backside is venerable to attack, this spell is perfect to counter closed range or point blank attack or even surprising techniques.
He is able to use both Static (which allows him to create weapons and non-living objects), and Dynamic (creations of animal familiars) Lightning-Make. The user is able to create two or more lightning hounds at the same time, but requires even greater magical energy to sustain them, and the more hounds created the weaker they become in power. The lightning bull is also capable of breaking through strong defences, and the aftershock generated from the lightning is strong enough to render a target unconscious.
Through the use of this magic Erik is able to manipulate and control iron sand or iron powder into various types of weapons, defenses, and constructs.
Although when the situation calls for it, Kinemon can become serious, such as when fighting a powerful individual.
His skill with this magic has been praised by many and he has proven himself a competent user of light magic. His usual sword technique is quick and gentle, much like his personality, he said that this not only reflects his own sluggish demeanour, but that of his sword; Aergia. He would go on to join the guild a day after the expulsion of S-class mage and Leader of the Thunder God Tribe, Laxus Dreyer, due to the formers actions and the incident caused as a result of it during the Fighting Festival. Despite leaving he retained his love for his guild and was concerned for the well being of his friends and guild mates, he took it upon himself to become the silent guardian of the guild, watching and protecting the guild from those who would cause harm.
One of his most prominent facial expressions can be seen when he is in the midst of a battle, with piercing eyes capable of seeing through a person’s very soul.

He also wore olive coloured pants with a black belt around the waist, black shoes, and a long black coat draped over his shoulders like a cape.
According to Erik, the scars that he obtained are a reminder of his powerlessness, and it gives him the proper motivation to become even stronger than before. As a result, he is an extremely focused man who misses no details, and is a master of quick improvisation with nerves of steel. He uses his skills to stay one step ahead of his enemies and is one of the reasons why he is an accomplished combatant. They were able to slip away from him with the body of the dark mage, using the fight as a distraction. He is able to formulate battle strategies and his brilliant tactical sense allows him to alter any strategy to fit the changing need of the situation.
He has also demonstrated the ability to block a punch from a Vulcan of much larger in size without difficulty and then attack with enough force to knock it down with a single punch. Even without using physical enhancements, he is clearly capable of lifting up a full-grown man by the throat with only a single hand. In addition to his speed, Erik also possesses instantaneous reflexes, allowing him to react to danger much faster. He has demonstrated the ability to control the direction and behavior of lightning, as well as being able to set a predetermined course for his lightning techniques to attack, and even redirect energy based attacks from his opponents. With his variation of teleportation, Erik is able to cross large distances within a short span of time, remain undetected, and even surprise enemies.
He has used this technique in a variety of way, such as, by jumping up into the air and releasing it as a powerful bolt of lightning crashing down from the sky. This technique is obviously some kind of sonar and the user can also use this technique to locate specific electric fields in the area though much concentration is needed.
To be hit by this spell a person must either be in contact or within three feet of the user under normal conditions.
The caster can also deliberately weaken the spells power so that it merely stuns the opponent rather than injuring them. The caster can do anything while the shield is active, which includes jumping, running and climbing, but the only thing the user is unable to do is fight back.
Erik is very adept at using lightning elemental maker magic, being able to create lightning constructs and animal familiars within a short period of time. His proficiency with the magic allows him to combat other sand magic users by mixing iron powder into the sand that's under their control, preventing them from manipulating sand any further as iron powder is heavier than sand. His hair is messy and light-blond with strands framing the sides of the face and hanging between his eyes, and he also has chin stubble.
Strangely, the blade is noted to be just as lazy and sluggish as it's owner by Kinemon himself. He joined the guild three months after Lucy Heartfilia’s induction and had prior recommendation from Shitou Yajima, the former sixth seat of the council and a Fairy Tail supporter.
His stares have the ability to scare and paralyze people of much weaker will, many of his enemies have commented on the fact that his eyes are that of a demon, one filled with killing intent and blood lust.
This is the attire that he would wear on a regular basis, whether it was in or outside of the guild.
While one would think that it is this imperfection that makes people look twice in his direction, and not in a good way. When dealing with life threatening or dangerous situations, he usually maintains a calm and collected demeanor, and rarely shows any signs of fear or panic in extreme circumstances. In addition to his impressive fighting skills and sharp intellect, Erik has also proven himself to be quite the manipulator, as he is capable of using psychological warfare to influence people. This mishap would later initiate a chain of events that would lead to the resurrection of the legendary Magic Nirvana and the eventual defeat of one third of the entire Balam Alliance, the dark guild, Orancion Seis.
Erik has an undeniable talent for thinking things well in advance as well, make decisive and accurate decisions quickly in the heat of battle. With his level of hand to hand combat skills, he can take down several dark guild mages on his own and with ease. During his confrontation with the Oracion Seis, not only did he manage to evade an attack from the likes of Cobra, but also managed to react to Racer Slowing Magic Technique, Motor, and could also keep up with the latter in a fast exchange of blows, managing to parry a barrage of melee assaults and at the same time counter-attack with his spells. Erik is able to manipulate lightning into various shapes and size, as well as into various forms and constructs, these include shooting arcs of lightning from his hands, shaping it into the form of a thunder bolt, a condensed ball of electrical energy, or even electric sparks that can latch onto an opponent’s body.
He has honed his skills to such an extent that he can disappear in one instant and re-appear in the next. Erik's lightning elemental powers also grant him certain sensory abilities, such as being able to sense electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena. This spell is useful in areas with a large number of enemies and any blocked spell of lower power is converted into energy which helps to increase the size or length of the shield. Erik uses both hands during the creation process, this allows him to create stable and multiple objects through his magical energy. He wears a dark green shirt and pants, topped with a darker green coat with a white diamond pattern along its bottom half. Also, due to Kinemon "experimenting" on this sword many times it has several magical abilities unique to it's self. It remains straight and slim with a somewhat short size with the tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge instead of being tapered to a point.
Despite his use of threating expression, he is at times seen with a much gentler facial expression, which is usually directed towards his lovers.
This allows him to maintain his composure and stay focused on the situation at hand, and eventually notices important details around him, which makes it easier for him to think out proper strategies to fit the situation. As a result of his experiences dealing with various kinds of people, he has gained an insight as to what makes them tick.
He is a crafty tactician, shown from his ability to always think two steps ahead of his enemies and three steps ahead of his friends. Erik utilizes a variety of wrestling related moves to take down an opponent, which has been shown to be quite effective in battle. Throughout the years Erik has spent a great deal of time developing his ability to manipulate lightning, and as a result has created several lightning based techniques.
As the effects wear off the opponent may feel a burning or tingling sensation all over their body.
When using both hands the amount of magical energy used and the time required to create an object or animal is reduced significantly. Kinemon also usually wears traditional Japanese wooden sandals (geta) and a striped-dark green and white bucket hat that usually shadows his eyes. Kinemon has stated that when fighting with Aergia, "she" tends to be a rather sluggish and lazy individual like himself, Kinemon often finding that "she" is too lazy to deliver any fatal blows until awakened.
His black hair is slightly longer and scruffier, and at times covering the right side of his face.
He only shows surprise when an opponent proves to be powerful or skilled than he had anticipated, and even then he does not lose his composure. He is often seen conversing with his opponents, before and during battle, in which time he begins to slowly understand their psyche and uses it to his advantage by exploiting character flaws or mental weaknesses. In addition to his incredible tactical prowess, he is also shown to be a very perceptive man, being able to deduce a person’s true motives and intentions by thoroughly observing their individual patterns, personality traits and characteristic. The techniques employed by him are quite brutal and devastating, only highly trained combatants such as Laxus Dreyar and Erza Scarlet are able to withstand or even overcome his fighting style.
Because he has mastered the principles of lightning manipulation, he is able to invoke a spell without much difficulty. For a man of his age, Erik’s upper body is extremely fit, showing off muscle in both his chest and arms as well as toned abs at his stomach. He keeps his face clean, and almost always has a crooked sort of smile on his face that seems to imply that he may know of things that other people are not privy to. He also knows how to make people feel good about a situation even when they realistically shouldn't. Erik can also combine his lightning magic with his hand to hand combat skills, further increasing the strength of his melee attacks. There is a long scar located just between his body and arm on his right side that he received a long time ago during battle.

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