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Strength is a much-needed element in our life because in its absence all will become dreary and lifeless. The latter will find the strength tattoos a very cool tool that will act as a source of inspiration and motivate them to be stronger. Love makes one strong and this wearer has got a tattoo, on the edge of her foot, to symbolize the same fact. The wrists bearing the strength and calm words, stand for the intimate and symbiotic relationship between the two. Strength carved in cursive font, over the wrist, looks graceful and is there to encourage the wearer to feel strong.
Carved on the back of the neck, the strength tattoo, in its Chinese script avatar, looks quite lovely. Small red butterfly, created along with the strength lettering makes for a charming wrist tattoo. The koi fish and the Kanji lettering, etched on the arm, symbolize hardiness, adaptability and strength.
Chinese characters symbolizing strength make for a sexy tattoo piece that is full of deep meaning. This guy has got lettering tattoos on both his wrists to act as a source of inspiration and motivation. Strength carved in thin font with capital letters behind the ear, is there to motivate the girl to be confident and believe in herself. This tattoo reads strength as well as courage from the two sides and possesses quite a catchy display. This Kanji strength tattoo carved with black and orange, stands for the self-awareness that is a result of the strong struggle, the wearer underwent, fighting his fears. This big and bold tattoo stands for physical, emotional, mental strength and overcoming life’s struggles.
The Kanji is a very popular tattoo design for lettering and scripts and here it looks emphatic in its bold avatar meaning strength. Every step that we take in life must be confident and full of strong conviction; this is what the foot tattoo symbolizes.

Dark Kanji symbol that stands for strength, etched on a red halo like base, looks very gorgeous and attracts instant attention. These Chinese characters mean woman and strength and are representative of the wearer, who is a strong woman. Tattoo inspired from the legend of Zelda whose three Kanji symbols stand for strength, courage and wisdom.
The man has got a large and emphatic Kanji tattoo on his back that is a symbol of strength and looks very cool.
The Kanji symbol for strength, intertwined in the heart stands for the love of the girl, for her brother, who passed away after fighting a tough battle with cancer. A person can achieve great success if his spirit is strong and bold; this is the meaning of the wrist tattoo and what it stands for. The girl got this tattoo on her 18th birthday as a mark of the adult status that means she has to be more strong and confident than ever before.
Sexy and strong tattoo, etched on the back, in the center, that serves as a source of strength. Fabulous strength tattoo carved with a sword that embodies the fighter spirit and also looks majestic. Miniature but meaningful, this Kanji tattoo, bearing the strength symbol has got a super sweet look.
Fantastic foot tattoo, embellished in an elegant font, that reads strength one way and confidence upside down. Strength, etched on the ribs, in a bold and cursive font, looks very imposing and has got a grand display. Elegant and endearing font, creates a nice strength tattoo on the wrist, that has got a superb, neat look.
Strength tattoo, created on the calf, along with a bright orange flower that symbolizes the boldness and confidence that comes with strength. Chinese symbol for strength, engraved on the side of the leg, looks simple but holds a lot of special meaning for the wearer. Girl’s bare back, flaunting the strength tattoo, carved in elegant cursive font, makes for a charming portrait.

This tattoo is a tribute by the girl to her father who was the personification of strength and patience.
The wearer has got meaningful tattoo on his upper back, etched in a vertical fashion, that stands for courage and strength. Cheeky and meaningful, at the same time, this strength tattoo looks very lovely and has got a nice look. Covering both the wrists, with floral vines used as highlighters, this tattoo stands for the power of love that gives strength to the lovers. Cool strength tattoo, designed with a flower, stands for the fragrance of strength that makes life a cake walk. These two Kanji symbols represent strength and happiness, that are interlinked with each other in a subtle and strong manner.
Wrist tattoo bearing a sakura tree and Kanji symbols that stand for wisdom, strength, beauty and darkness, is a tribute by the girl to the Japanese culture. Strength is a simple word but holds a profound meaning in our life, which makes us see the brighter and bigger side of life. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. We are born on this earth and spend our childhood in the loving arms of our parents and during the curse to adulthood learn various lessons of life that teach us the power of belief and confidence, making us stronger individuals. These tattoos can be carved on any body part but if it gets etched on an exposed part such as wrist or feet, then the purpose would be served in a better manner.
Apart from this, those who have come stronger after an ordeal or struggle can also get it carved as a mark of tribute.

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