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Today, they're still grown for food, and not just for birds: their seeds make a wholesome snack and are pressed into vegetable oil. As the morning sun rises along the rolling hills of Baldwin in Harford and Baltimore Counties, 200 acres of golden sunflower fields come to life.
The sunflowers are illuminated by store lights from across Jarrettsville Pike in the early morning hours prior to sunrise.
Owen Dawson of Parkville takes pictures in the sunflowers in the fields located in Jarrettsville, MD. A geometric closeup of a sunflower head turns the normally beautiful flower into a more ominous looking object. Sunflowers, in their wild form, are original to North America, but according to the National Sunflower Association, the commercialization of the plant first took place in Russia before returning to America. According to the National Sunflower Association, sunflowers were a common crop among American Indian tribes throughout North America.
The dark green color of a sunflower leaf contrasts against the deep blue sky and bright yellows of the sunflower head. Julie Ruby of Abingdon,MD has her picture taken as she stands amongst the many flowers in the field located in Jarrettsville, MD.
Clear Meadow Farm in White Hall, MD plants about 5,000,000 sunflower plants across the acreage. Clear Meadow rotates the planting of the sunflowers to different locations, which are harvested for birdseed.

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Sunflower seeds are classified into three varieties based on their levels of mono-unsaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated fat content: linoleic, high oleic and NuSun. Most commonly consumed as a snack, sunflower seeds can also be used as garnishes or ingredients to be added in various recipes.
In-shell Sunflower seeds are used all across the world but are most popular in Mediterranean and Asian countries. 6.It is good for the heart, nerves, muscles, blood vessels and has anti-inflammatory properties. Pan seared grouper served with gingered carrot puree, cumin flavored potatoes and kairy curry with coconut milk, jaggery and curry leaves. Do not use any pesticides, grass seed or other chemicals near the growing sunflowers.Check out the 'Mammoth' our largest growing sunflower!Share these sunflower growing tips! While the domesticated hybrid sunflower such as the one picture here only has one head per plant, it’s wild cousins can have many heads. We are so lucky to live close to the beautiful Clear Meadow Farm and enjoying the fields of sunflowers scattered around Harford co.Thanks for posting the breathtaking pictures. It showcases the exciting work of our staff, offers tips in the craft, and highlights the emerging community of independent media makers.

Grayish green or black sunflower seeds have a nutty flavor, tender texture and high oil content. They are most popularly consumed in roasted form and also packed in various roasted flavours. Tip: When buying unshelled sunflower seeds, make sure they aren't yellow or they may be rancid.
They are also added to a variety of dishes for a unique taste, texture and its nutritional benefits. Each sunflower needs a lot of nutrients from the soil, planting several together will just mean each plant will get less nutrients. When directly sowing into your garden be sure to cover with a screen until the plants have sprouted. Striped sunflower seed are used to for food and are popularly called as confectionary sunflower seeds. You may also grow indoors until the plants are small and then transplant into your garden.8. To keep them strong year after year continue this kind treatment while the plants are young every year.

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