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Clusters of sunflowers make an eye catching tattoo – you couldn’t go past placing them as a shoulder piece or a full back piece.
Regardless of color or not, the sunflower is definitely worth a consideration, reminding the wearing to always ‘look on the bright side’, in the words of Monty Python!
Feminine and colourful, this tattoo has a wonderful placement, ensuring a flattering position. This one gives new meaning to the expression, ‘walking on sunshine’.  Every time the wearer looks down he or she will see a flash of brightness, reminding them to always turn their face towards the sun. The shape of the sunflower itself lends itself to positioning on the upper arm area, directing focus to the centre of the tattoo.
Again, a beautiful and flattering placement for most body types, this well designed and positioned tattoo will be a constant reminder to be happy.
A bit different again – this one combines black work with tonnes of detail with a bold, almost tribal background. Again, the colored scroll work balances the tattoo, the tattooist has also shadowed to create a three D effect, adding depth and dimension to this tattoo. Rib tattoos for girls are available in multiple colorful and bright hues but the flowers are a hot favorite among the fairer sex.
The green and colorless birds flying on the rib of the girl symbolise the desire to fly high with her ambitious wings. Cute and colorful cartoon art with multiple images in a trail form carved on ribs looks playful. Holy messages dedicated to the almighty are also popular as tattoo design and look cool on ribs.
Two bright, red, large lilies carved on the rib as a mark of bond between herself and her lover.
A beautiful image of colorful butterflies flying away after sucking nectar from the flowers carved on ribs. Elegant and classic design moving in tandem with the waist curve painted in black and white.
Beautiful inspirational message inked on ribs in black, cursive fonts that motivate you to live life to the fullest.

A vine of black flowers running up to the bosom from the hips has a sexy look that fascinates. The flower painting is an all time favorite of the women and the rib tattoo segment is no exception.
Dark vine-shaped tattoo design accentuates the curves and therefore the ribs can be often seen decorated with this very pattern. A linear patterned design with flowers and a verse sitting on ribs look appealing and inviting. Black and white daisy flowers curled up towards the top make for a pleasant appearance and look beautiful. Creative and vivid image of a horse with flowers, leaves, number and symbol around it engraved on rib. The two bunch of flowers painted side by side on ribs depict the desire of lovers to unite together.
Pink cherry blossom flowers with a green shoot placed diagonally on the ribs is decent and cute. A black and white sunflower with a drooping exterior on top symbolises disappointment and loss. Motivational message that promises to bring sun shine in your life when inked as tattoo inspires and energises others too. This mouse hunting dog with a strange and unusual face looking naive and confused makes for a unique tattoo design. The elephant with its stick-thin legs painted in black and white looks queer and invariably attracts attention. A cassettee that always croons the girl’s commitment is a moving expression of love and loyalty inked as rib tattoo. The rib tattoo showing an angel with her raised wings and fallen face is all disappointed at seeing the state of affairs on earth. A black and white tattoo with a nightingale perched on a cherry blossom branch with a tilted head looks charming and fresh.
A skull with flowers curled around it signify the sweet-sour relationship of life and death. A love tattoo inked in memory of the boyfriend with life time and a red rose gracing the rib.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. In love tattooing feet, I work well with them and feet are just the right size for a nice single session tattoo.

The sunflower constantly turns its head towards the sunlight and is most definitely a summer flowering annual, bright, and cheerful.
Sunflowers would also be as lovely – perhaps more feminine- as a small wrist detail, foot detail. The tattoo is upbeat and cheerful, and pretty much sums up the genre of the sunflower tattoo!
This design combines the drama of black work and the vibrancy of sunflowers in a large side piece that extends up to the shoulder and down to the thigh.
The dark centre on the flowers make it ideal for a cover up – or even just for its own beautiful sake. Since, tattoos are also an integral part of the fashion accessories and display culture the trend is visible here too. Reason being the graceful and curvy petals with vines enhance the allure of the waist and the belly. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. It dominates the other flowers in the garden with its height and width and does not cease to brighten any ones day.
There are magnificent examples of colored sunflower tattoos below, and also sensational black work tattoos, which lends its own interpretation of the meaning of the sunflower. This is a large, brave tattoo that perfectly represents the spirit of the sunflower tattoo.
Now it is about getting that dream hour-glass figure and decorating it with attractive tattoo designs so that glances get carved with the images themselves.
Rib tattoos are the most apt choice if a girl wants to flaunt her jaw-dropping figure in a silhouette dress. Really, I could keep rolling out the positive descriptive words for this one, each flower could represent something of great importance to the wearer.
The rib is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body and tattoos inked here look hot and sensuous. Whether it was glimpsed in its totality or in just in little snippets near a shirt sleeve, this tattoo will captivate! Here we have created a collage of 35 rib tattoos for girls with various designs and colors.

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