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Tattoos can look really cool, provided a lot of thought has gone into choosing your design, and based clearly on the understanding that this is a permanent marking on your body. Swallow tattoos were quite common among sailors as observing these birds while at sea indicated that land is nearby. Like any other creature of nature, swallow tattoos are attributed with the qualities usually associated with birds but in a more dainty and elegant manner.
However, depending on the size and the design, swallow tattoos can present a much different appeal.We will tell you some of the tales and beliefs that are attached to swallows as well as the symbolism behind this tattoo design. All these details should enable you to make the right decision with regard to your own tattoo design.From a historical standpoint, you will find that sailors often preferred to get the swallow tattoos in combination with many other nautical symbols. This is because these are the first birds that you get to see when you reach firm land and thereby deemed by the sailors as a good omen.
These birds have also been closely associated with a host of other symbolic ideas and qualities, such as hope, strength, success, abundance, youth, love, devotion, freedom and spiritedness. The swallow is also known to fly alongside vessels in the sea and land on the ship when tired.

Swallow tattoos can vary greatly in their style, design and coloration and can be worn on various parts of the body.
A popular place that you will see swallow tattoos are on the chest and with sailors, a number is usually found around the wings representing the distance they have traveled. Other sailors would only get a swallow tattoo when they accomplished traveling across the Seven Seas.Among the Greeks and Romans, the swallow was linked with Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love. The Greeks believed that the swallows could carry the souls of those who passed away onto the underworld.
Among Christians, it was believed that swallows symbolized the rebirth of the old souls – making them a popular memorial tattoo today. To many individuals, both religious and non-religious – swallows signify a new beginning.Are you starting over from a difficult time in your life? Swallow tattoos can often symbolize the rebirth of life itself – not just from death but from living. The Chinese believe that swallows show danger and change towards the better as well as loyalty.

This is because the swallow is known to have the same mate for life.Among Egyptians the swallow again represented motherhood. If you look through the course of history you will find that swallows represented many things and had high symbolic value.
When used to symbolize the triumph of a disease, you may often see the color of the bird depicted as the color of the disease awareness. For example, breast cancer survivors often choose a pink swallow while lymphoma survivors will often choose shades of green.A swallow tattoo on the fist indicates power and the ability to fight.
This is one of the most popular positions of this type of tattoo that you will see amongst women – more often than not domestic violence victims.

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