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If the copyright of any wallpaper or stock photo belongs to you, contact us and we'll remove it!. Tatooine (pronounced t?tu’in) was a desert world in a binary star system in the Arkanis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Tatooine is thought to have been one of the oldest planets in known space and was composed of a molten core with a rocky mantle and silicate rock crust. Because Tatooine orbited two suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II, the planet was covered in deserts and rock formations, while the days were extremely arid and bright, especially during double noon.
The inhabitants of Tatooine included many different species from many parts of the galaxy, as can be seen in the multiple bars and cantinas in the cities.
Tatooine was once a lush world that had large oceans and a world-spanning jungle inhabited by the native and technologically advanced Kumumgah.
Tatooine was first discovered by the Republic in 5,000 BBY, and in 4,200 BBY the first colony named Anchorhead was established. Although Tatooine was deemed not worth conquering by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars, a group of Mandalorian exiles settled on Tatooine after the war, although their fate was never known. At the time of the Jedi Civil War, the planet was practically controlled by the Czerka Corporation. Czerka’s mining involvement in the Anchorhead settlement proved fruitless, and the company began Czerka’s Secret Weapons division on the planet, due to no restrictions from the Republic. Watch the latest SWTOR Insider Video, now live, as Producer Jack Wood and Community Manager Eric Musco offer an inside look at the latest exciting news for Galactic Strongholds Digital Expansion, Season 2 of Ranked PvP, Cartel Market and more! Starting to wonder if the above is related to the planetary Guild conquest thing or if our homestead on Tatooine will be an actual Sandcrawler What do you guys think that’s all about?
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia with her stunt double in slave girl outfits sunbathing on Tatooine during filming of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.

Fossil records suggest Tatooine was once covered in large oceans, which dried up, leaving behind many geological formations including Beggar’s Canyon, formed around 2,000,000 BBY. In fact, it was so brightly lit by the suns from space it could appear to be a star itself. Most creatures on the planet loved to gamble on nearly everything, especially podracing, though the sport declined after the rise of the Empire.
Sometime in its history, the Rakatan Infinite Empire invaded the planet and conquered and enslaved its native inhabitants. Unfortunately, these first Human settlers disrupted the native Ghorfa culture, provoking their evolution into the Sand people, later known as Tusken Raiders.
They were attempting to mine ores from Tatooine, although they soon discovered the ores had strange magnetic properties which made the metal corrode very fast and thus useless for production. Sometime between Revan’s visit and 3,623 BBY, Czerka completely pulled out of Anchorhead, abandoning the Secret Weapons complex. At around 00m36sYou can listen Jack Wood talking about the new Homestead on Tatooine and you get to see a couple of new Sandcrawlers that are not currently in the game.
Other notable geological features included the Dune Sea, an enormous desert, Mushroom Mesa, a vast formation of giant standing stones, and the Jundland Wastes, a rocky region. This was the case for the people who discovered Tatooine as they first thought Tatooine was in fact a star until they approached and discovered that it was a desert planet.
This left the planet populated by dissidents and criminals, though the Republic still used the planet for a supply stop. The planet was on the 5709-DC Shipping Lane, a spur of the Triellus Trade Route, which itself connected to the Sisar Run. Due to the extreme conditions, only a relatively mild region of its northern hemisphere was habitable, and less than 1% of the planet was covered in surface water. Human natives of the planet often had unusual sounding last names, such as Fardreamer, Sandskimmer, Darklighter, and Skywalker.

He discovered that Czerka Corporation was attempting to eradicate a nearby tribe of Sand People due to attacks on Czerka’s sandcrawlers.
The Sith Empire also set up a small outpost near Anchorhead in an effort to discover the secrets of the Czerka Secret Weapons division. This drastic climatic change split the indigenous Kumumgah into two races: the Ghorfas—also known as Tusken Raiders or Sandpeople—and the Jawas. With the help of the recently purchased droid HK-47, Revan was able to communicate with the tribe and negotiate a truce after infiltrating their settlement. Some time after their involvement on Tatooine, the planet was forgotten until the Republic rediscovered it in 1,100 BBY.
It is a planet where natives (specifically middle-aged and older Humans) are often mistaken to be a decade or more older than they actually are due to the twin suns and harsh climate. It was revealed to Revan that the Sand people considered the Czerka to be invaders on their land, which was the reason for the frequent attacks. However, it would still play a role in galactic events, serving as the home of Anakin Skywalker. It was here that Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn recognized Anakin’s potential to become a Jedi and where he introduced him to Obi-Wan Kenobi, his future master and mentor. Tatooine was also the home of Anakin’s son, Luke, where he lived until his early adulthood. The planet built up a very bad reputation, often being viewed as the cesspool of the galaxy due to the high-level of criminals who could be found onworld.

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