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Extreme body art was on display at the Venezuelan Tattoo Convention 2015 this week in the capital Caracas. Well-known Venezuelan tattoo artist Yomico Moreno said that people are starting to see tattoos as an art form as it has been increasingly accepted in Venezuela. Download the best wallpapers, photos and pictures for your desktop for free only here a couple of clicks!
Pictures gallery of tattoos, tattoo flash, piercings and pierced tattoos including pics of celebrities tattooed and pierced.
With employers still unsure about hiring candidates with tattoos, the Futureboard staff share their views.

When it comes to tattoos and piercings, Nathan suggests you should always consider the industry you’re going to work in.
Nathan thinks covering up tattoos in the application process is the safest option for a candidate: you can show them once you have been hired.
Megan Nee, consultant at Futureboard, says: “With tattoos I would say for me it depends on the size and the positioning on the body. Sometimes people do crazy things and turn their flesh into colorful pictures by adding weird tattoo designs on different parts of their bodies.
I have acne-prone skin, but it can get really dry, so can anyone recomend a really appropriate oil-free moisturiser from Boots, Superdrug etc.? Read on to find out what they think about piercings and tattoos in the application process.

Many people are trying to find ways to get a tattoo they can show off, but is still somehow discreet and the ear is a great way of doing this. Here after doing a little research I present a collection of ear tattoo designs in front of you.

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