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If you are going to get a tattoo then you might as well get one that turns heads and will make people question just exactly what they are looking at when viewing your tattoo. People don’t like spiders, for the most part, but this women loves here black widow tattoo, so realistic and creepy.
Cracked skin tattoos are impressive but adding the 3-D shadows of the birds is really nice.
A boa snake as a 3-D tattoo is not my cup of tea, but the skill and artistry to make it look real is yet another impressive 3-D tattoo. The 3-D effect in this tattooed paw print is well done.  This tattoo will definitely turn heads.

This optical illusion tattoo is very subtle which is also why is it very cool and very impressive.
This tattoo of the the Crucifixion is an optical illusion that also shows us the face of Jesus if you look at it right. Ambigram tattoos probably need their own post, but I included two in case I never get to it. Get some tattoo ideas fro these very cool and extremely impressive optical illusion tattoo designs. The doll baby head look very realistic and the eyes are a 3-D marvel of tattoo craftsmanship.

Escher tattoo will impress your art friends and this design will make Qbert fans happy as well.

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