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Are you ready to take your Tattoo or Body piercing skills to the next level?  Many people struggle to get ahead in the industry or simply get stuck in a rut. The international School of Body art has been helping people all over the world with their tattoo and body piercing videos and online training courses.
During this seminar, you will work one on one with Gary Gray or Dave Grunert for a portion of each day. During the one on one time, you will be tattooing or piercing either a client or suitable practice material as the instructor observes and demonstrates techniques to greatly improve your skill level.
During the remainder of time you will watch the instructor perform there tattoos or piercings and have the ability to participate and ask questions so you can become the best that you can be. We encourage people to have already taken or be a part of the one year online program that we offer, so you can have a better understanding of everything prior to seminar.
Introduce students to the mechanics of the tattoo machine and how it functions as well as to develop a deeper understanding of other commonly used tools of the trade. Give students an opportunity to perfect their skills using the various tools needed to perform their art safely and with confidence and to understand their role in the tattoo process. Develop students’ understanding of the various styles and techniques used in the tattoo field to produce quality work. Enable students to develop basic drawing and tattooing skills in respect to tattoo composition, neatness and accuracy, lettering, and line drawing.
Instruct students in proper techniques of sterilization to ensure a higher quality of cleanliness. The course starts off in a face-to-face setting in which students benefit from the hands-on experience of working alongside Gary in real-world tattoo shops.
Students have a choice of whether they want this initial stage of the course to last 5 days or 10 days. Students will be strongly encouraged to ask questions and explore chosen topics in greater detail.

Students are expected to manage their time in such a way as to allow sufficient opportunity to engage with the material. In order to successfully complete the course, students must log the required 600 study hours. Any other applicable methods of learning related to the successful completion of the program.
Note: If additional hours are required by certain state or provincial regulations, the course syllabus will be adjusted accordingly to accommodate said licensing guidelines. Online Chat: In order to apply, analyze and synthesize the information covered on the course, students are required to engage in discussion with the instructor either through emails, chat, phone conversation or other methods established by the student that meet the course requirements.
After all of the requirements are met, and the instructor feels that the student can perform a tattoo safely and efficiently, the instructor shall award a certificate of completion to the student. Note: Students are also required to complete a local program certifying them in First Aid, CPR and Blood Bourne Pathogens.
For example, if your state requires 600 hours of training and 50 procedures, Gary will use the standard training format he has developed and integrate your state’s requirements into the curriculum. Students are supported throughout the full year of their training with round-the-clock support and opportunities to troubleshoot specific issues with their teacher throughout the year. Others lack the resources to help themselves achieve the dream of working in tattoo or body piercing industry. Then spend the remainder of the day shadowing them in an actual working tattoo studio, learning successful day to day operations in business to help you succeed as an artist. Students will begin by learning the proper ways to use equipment and then advance into learning how to develop strong techniques in performing basic procedures correctly.
Students work closely with Gary to learn the intricacies of the trade while benefiting from direct one-on-one guidance and mentor-ship. The course will also encourage students to develop techniques that align with the acceptable standards of work used in the industry.

They get a chance to gain the practical experience necessary to independently develop their practice outside of the training environment.
Students will be supported in their studies through the use of online resources as well as self-paced DVDs.
Students are also expected to stay in touch with Gary via email, web chat, telephone, or any other means of communication agreed upon by both parties. Other testing may be required if deemed fit by the instructor to accommodate certain challenges or needs of the students.
These practice sessions shall be either videotaped via webcam, or multiple photographs taken of the process.
During interaction with the instructor, students are expected to ask questions about the material covered on the course. Students will also be required to use web cams or send digital pictures to Gary to demonstrate their proficiency performing procedures on clients.
Alternatively, students can also perform live practice sessions with the instructor present, if applicable. The online portions of the training will be specifically tailored to each student’s needs, guiding them through the process of meeting the requirements to become legally licensed. These sessions shall be graded by the instructor and students will receive detailed feedback about their performance. No part of your grade will be based on anything other than your coursework and performance. You are encouraged to take advantage of communications with your instructor for help with coursework or anything else connected with the course and your progress.

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