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I wanted to bounce this off of our Online Community to see what your thoughts are about the subject. I guess my conclusion thus far, is to continue to pray about it, is to continue to have faith in God, practice being a good person.
That scripture about how man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart comes to mind. I think it’d be OK for a Christian to be a tattooist or draw art for people who want to put that are on their bodies.
Also, as a side note, I prayed specifically for my future husband to have tattoos as I find them very attractive.
The problem with tattoos is that they are permanent; unless you can afford laser treatment. The other thing that has always repelled me from having tattoos, is the knowledge that they were used to mark the Jewish people during the Holocaust of WW2.
The Holy Spirit serves as the clarifying instrument of all shades of gray concerning our walk in The Word, and we should use Him and listen to Him. I do not see tattoos as any different from applying make-ups or dressing in suggestive ways or piercing the body for whatever reason (even if it is a single ear ring), what i would think matters are basically our standing with God and which comes from the heart, dont assume i am part of those who believe that the outward appearance has nothing to do with salvation maybe not directly having to do but indirectly it sure has a lot to do. God is a God or order and modesty, so i wont see myself defacing my body with senseless images regardless of what message i am trying to preach thru it.
These topics are good for discussion, only that we don’t get carried away by the race and opinions of getting to heaven plus the activities, while we loose focus of the destination itself. Also, I’m just curious to why there’s so much arguing when this is a Christian website? With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. I am just going to speak on my behalf of what I think about tattoos and for me being a Christian artist are. It’s common for people to think that the Old Covenant (and many of the laws governing it) ended on the cross and that the New Covenant started only then. Christ will judge the intent, motive, reason, fuel, compelling behind every action, whether good or bad, lawful or unlawful.
God didn’t give the law to see if man could do the best he could and in the end get a prize. On the March post,Frank made an excellent post on this subject (although on the April post, he got a little sarcastic); however, overall I think Frank has some very good points. Jesus came to the earth to fulfill the laws and prophecies of God, but some laws and prophecies will be completed at a later time. The problem with looking at the verse in Leviticus is that if you are going to hold people to that rule, then you should hold people to every other rule in Leviticus.
Kamil, Jesus said “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 1) Let’s assume that Jesus was crucified to save a lot of people but NOT XYZ: In this case, XYZ will be tried, condemned and cast into the lake of fire, on the Day of Judgement. I realize that most of the 600 rules and regulations seem illogical to our society, but Christianity is not an intellectual discipline. I have heard many of you talk about various Christian religions in terms of wearing tattoos, but I have not heard anything about a Catholic.
My sister is considering to have tattoos for herself and I feel worried that this may be an abomination to God. Many Christians get tattooed in defiance of Leviticus 19:28 because they think Jesus died for them and so they are no longer under the Law. As a side note, I don’t think that it is every a waste of time to pray, even about posting on a silly forum.

Many verses in the new testament state that the faith in Christ is where are salvation is at. Since the last comment prior to yours was about a month ago, I think that most of the potential argumentative posts have died down now.
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It communicates self expression and in the past few years through the power of television, is more popular and more lucrative now than ever before. My mother (a Christian) has told me that Jesus looks at what is on the inside, not the outside.
Next week I am due to draw a woman who is heavily tattooed and pierced (I’ve not met her yet) and already God is showing me that Jesus will meet with her in the art class.
The thing that comes to my mind though, is that pictures of the cross are really fashionable to get tattooed.
I didn’t mean to be sarcastic but, on rereading my own comment, I do see that I got carried away. But the New Covenant has been in force since the very beginning and embraces every person whose name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 21:27) including people in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament. When Jesus said “until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished”, I think He was indeed saying that GOD (and not any one of us) will hold people to every rule in Leviticus and also to every other rule in every other book giving the Law and the Prophets!
There are many foods that God would have considered to be for lack of a better word bad, and yet I would be willing to bet that most of us have eaten and continue to eat them.
Since I am a Catholic, I would like to know if it is bad to wear tattoos under any circumstances, even if they are not meant for worshipping the dead or Satan. BUT Jesus said “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
And the passage in Lev compared tattoos to cutting hair and shaving, but is from a different time.
Then one day the Holy Spirit nudged me into acknowledging that I was ignoring what I really liked because of what others thought.
It’s sad to see people daubbed with evil subject matter, that at the very least can be a later embarrasment but also an opening to the occult which they wish they had never touched. If one says they have pagan roots and not to be used to remind others of anything you could say that about Christmas trees and Easter eggs. Some Christian tattoos can also be looked at as a way to open up conversation or to be another tool in showing our beliefs to others.
People claim that their Christian, but than, a topic from the world becomes posted and then all sorts of Christians begin to argue. We partake of the Lamb out of which all the blood was ceremonially drained as He hung on the cross.
For example, the sacrificial laws have served their purpose and are fulfilled, but the New Testament made clear to us that those were no longer needed (the temple veil rent at crucifixion, the vision of Peter, etc). So, instead of cherry picking my way through 613(?) laws and rules and regulations, I prefer to confess that I’m an inveterate law breaker.
So, when people say that a Christian has been “freed” from the Law, it means that one has been freed from its consequences, by Jesus, when He took our sins upon Himself. She is a Christian, and even though she is not as religious as I, I know her enough that she would use this for something a lot more appropriate, like a flower, or perhaps even a character from mass media (i.e.

If it’s modifying and destroying our bodies which are temples then hair cutting and ear piercings are evil as well.
I would love to be a tattoo artist, as they are so personal and truly a way to touch someone.
It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.
So Jesus fulfilled the Law by complying with the Law’s requirement by which a perfect sacrifice had to be made to atone for every living person’s sins (“living” in the Biblical sense), whether they lived in the Old Testament or in the New Testament.
Also, while I would agree that this is not moral, but if a person were to have sex with both their wife and her mother, we would not burn them at the stake, yet this is what the book of Leviticus instructs us to do. Many of these replies are so self righteous (( How many of you have prayed before you posted here?) That question packs a punch.) You would think that you guys are fighting with one another about whether gay marriage is right or wrong.
You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
I met my husband a couple months later and on our first date he announced, unprompted by me, randomly that he had 14 tattoos! It has led to about 30 Bibles going out the door to people who are marginalized by those who won’t associate with someone who has a tattoo.
The question is about tattoos not proving who knows the most about the bible or who goes to church the most. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. On the other hand I have a wonderful friend who is on fire for the Lord and is in the trenches for Him as a tattoo artist in a scabby downtown area. It has led to helping move into a new shop and the shop owner re-discovering his artistic abilities from a rut of being a trace artist. I wouldn’t get a tattoo, because the fact that I’ve broken most of the laws is no reason for me to invest money and pain just to break one more! Para construir casas, puentes, para las comunicaciones, para crear coches, el alumbrado o los ordenadores. I know she is interested in horroscopes, but this week I discovered that most of her torso is covered in astrological signs. The sacrificial laws for example were only an ILLUSTRATION (to use Tony Snipes’ word) of what Jesus would do for us.
I do begin to wonder how responsible that tattooist is,whoever he or she is, and whether the fashion for tattoos is being used by Satan just as he uses trick or treat Halloween to groom young children into acceptance of him.
While they’re personal I have no problem sharing the story behind them in whatever form God says will fill the need in your life at that moment. They were physical acts to help us understand a spiritual act that would take place on Calvary.
Geek es alguien que apasionado de la informA?tica, las maetmA?ticas, los comics y videojuegos. But my friend gets people in the chair, begins conversations that always end up talking about salvation and the love Jesus has for that client. The problem for this 28 year old is going to be that when she accepts Christ into her life, she is going to be bearing the scars of her former thinking for all to see. You can put your Bible down, not go to church, and can even hide behind the Bible and your faith. Son sA­mbolos de valor universal.Estas letras griegas ademA?s son usadas en las distintas fraternidades de las Universidades americanas.

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