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Tattoo Collection put out May 2006 by the Fujimi Mook people who publish Tattoo Tribal magazine here in Japan.
This book is called Tattoo Graphy, and is put out by the Fujimi Mook people who publish Tattoo Tribal magazine here in Japan. Tattoo Gallery put out December 2005 by the Fujimi Mook people who publish Tattoo Tribal magazine here in Japan - they've had their fingers on the pulse of Japanese tattooing since 2002 . This book is a tattoo photo collection called Tattoo Works and is put out by one of the best monthly tattoo magazines in Japan, Tattoo Tribal. This book is out of print and stock of mint copies is limited, I do have copies in stock at present. This book is a collection of photographs of the tattoo work of three generations of The Shuho Tattoo Family, including Shuho III - one of the only women in the business. This is a great book that was first published in 2004 and sold out in a few months, this is a copy of the second printing that was printed in 2006.
Graffiti Tattoo – Kings on Skin: In their quest to improve their artistic talent and earn honest livings, many graffiti writers have naturally gravitated towards other artistic endeavors.
James Franco’s Rebel exhibit at the Los Angeles MOCA gets turned into a bookJames Franco’s Rebel exhibit transforms into yet another medium.
Granted the people in these photos aren't exactly of interest to me, but the concept behind the pieces is great. Whether you are a seasoned collector, or a newcomer to the art, this third volume of The Tattoo Bible, points you in the direction of good art and will help you avoid the mistakes of others. Skin Shots International is a sister title to Skin Deep and acts as a 'reference' magazine featuring top quality tattoo work from around the globe.
Chris Grosso is the mastermind behind the incomparable Tattoo Age series from Vice Media; a canon of documentaries that has been gifted to the tattoo community. Opening the door we were greeted with a smile and a handshake by the one and only Scott Harrison, who came out of retirement to make a few tattoos during the event.
I was able to steal a few moments with Stephanie Tamez and Virginia Elwood, who came back a second day and bought a several pieces from Thom. I’m glad to have made it to Thom deVita’s pop-up gallery to show support and love for a man who has done so much in so many ways for tattooing, tattooers and contemporary art.
It includes 192 pages of full color images of tattoos done by the best artists tattooing in Yokohama and Tokyo, including members of the Horiyoshi family.
This book has 19 full color, full pages original art pieces by some amazing artists including Hata from Inkrat Tattoo, Makoto from Hocus Pocus, Horihito from Studio Baku, Shige from Yellow Blaze in Yokohama and Hiroyuki Cotton Pickin' and many more.
It is a great collection of tattoo photographs that vary in subject from classic Japanese design to more western inspired stuff.
It is a great collection of tattoo photographs that vary in subject from classic Japanese design to more western inspired imagery. Horihoti I is the founder of the Horihito tattoo family in Kanagawa and is legendary here in Japan.
It is a compilation of photographs of tattoos done by the major artists in Yokohama and Tokyo, including images of tattoos done by over 50 different members of the Horiyoshi family, including Horiyoshi III.
This book is a brilliant collection of full color photographs and essays chronicling the life and work of Horiyoshi III. There are some translating oddities common in Japanese books translated by Japanese people, but all in all the text is very informative and entertaining.
It is a photo essay book of Japan Master Tattooist Horiyoshi III putting a full body piece on Tamaki Sakura.

Since the 1970s, these artists have been making the leap to become muralists, fashion designers, art directors, and, as of late, tattoo artists. Do not use, distribute, store, modify, publish, or transmit, any pictures without express written permission from the owners.
There’s information on how to choose an artist that’s right for you, examples of what makes a good tattoo, an explanation of the different genres you may wish to explore and much, much more.Education is everything when it comes to making the right choices and on those grounds, The Tattoo Bible is the only book you’ll ever need in your quest to Get Good Ink. It’s something doable for artists who may not have the resources to establish a long-standing art gallery yet, still show their work or the work of others.
His courage to break constructs has shaped who we (tattooers) are and pushes us toward who we might become. I wasn’t going to be there untill day three so I checked in from time to time to feel a part of it. I was lucky enough to look through some of his painted flash, of which he says he has never sold a sheet, and watched for a while as “B. He was back in the lower eastside of NYC where he spent so many years tattooing underground. What struck me about this book is how accurately it captures the currents trends in tattoo imagery here in Japan. This book is large - 10" x 14" and contains 144 pages of full color full page photos exclusively of heavily tattooed Japanese women.
Tattoo burst is one of three popular tattoo magazines here in Tokyo and this book recaps their best interviews with Japanese tebori (hand tattoo) masters, including Horiyoshi III, Horikazu, Horiyasu, Horitomo, Horisuzu, Daimonbori III, Horikoi, and Hokuoh.
This book includes some great full page, full color photos of backpieces and body suits, as well as a few pages of sketches, a detailed biography (in Japanese) and photographs from the family photo album. 160 pages, this book has 93 pages of black and white photographs with english titles, 12 pages of color and black and white line drawings (flash) of demons, dragons and ancient Japanese mythical spirits, like Kappa; 18 pages of full color flash and 17 pages of full color photographs.
This book is a collection of flash and photos from Horihito I and the artwork is completely stunning. This collection includes photos and artwork by Horiyoshi II - Tamotsu Kuronuma - and includes a 7 page write up about in the back that's been translated into English. In the graffiti movement, artists battle in the public eye to be the best and most respected, and the same goes within the tattoo world.
Often times these galleries take shape in empty spaces or open in unsuspecting locations that aren’t in use. Known for housing some of the most important tattooers working today it also attracts high-profile guest artists from every corner of the globe. Though the artists featured in each installment are unique in their style, approach and biography, the films are consistent in their content and sensibility.
The sky was gray and wet, and the FDR was quiet on Sunday morning as my wife Keely and I headed down to the Bowery. The book includes sections devoted to Lilies, Acanthus, Roses, Clovers, Olive, Lemon, Strawberry, Sunflowers, Lillie of The Valley, Hibiscus, Cherry, Apple, Mushroom, Lotus, Paisley, Grapes. Tattoo burst is one of 3 popular tattoo magazines here in Tokyo and this book recaps their best interviews with Japanese masters, including Syodai Horihito (one of my personal favorites), Horimitsu, Asakusa's Horiwaka, Syodai Horishige, Syodai Koharu, Horijin, Syodai Horitoshi, Horihide and Horisei. This book boast 127 pages of color photographs, flash, photos of artists working and interviews (text in Japanese but artist name is in English at the beginning of his section) Book has high glossy pages and is well bound.
130 full page, full colored images - provided both in outline form, and filled in - one on each side of the page.
The tattoos in the photos are all of tradtional Japanese imagery (the heroes of the suikoden, demons and oni, dragons, phoenix and Koi fish) a great resource book for both the artist and those looking for inspiration for their own tattoos.

Over 120 full color photographs depicts the process start to finish with commentary throughout by Horiyoshi III himself in both Japanese and English.
These spray paint technicians are making a splash worldwide with their color mastery and wild styles, changing the face of the tattoo world by adding their letters and boldness.
That being said, the space for Thom deVita’s “pop-up gallery” is anything but an empty space or an unsuspecting location. Robert carries himself with an awareness that can only be developed honestly, you can’t manufacture it.
As he stood against the chest of drawers beneath his body of work I wonder if he picked up on how much he is loved. Pomegranate, Hemp, Arabesque, Japanese Cherry Blossom (sakura), Chrysanthemum, Tree Peony, Morning Glory, Willow, Red Spider Lily, Gourds, Bamboo, Pine, Ume (Japanese Plums),Iris, Maple, Camellia, Hydrangea, Orchid, Violet, Peaches, Wisteria and Japanese Playing Cards.
The tattoo burst people have covered the tattoo scene here in Tokyo since coming onto the scene on 2001 and have created a great compilation. The tattoos in the photos are all of tradtional Japanese imagery (the heroes of the suikoden, demons and oni, dragons, phoenix and Koi fish) presented by four generations of tattoo artists. There are a couple really striking photos of a naked tattooless woman contrasted nicely next to fully tattooed bodies. They are thus creating a new visual language for the skin, a language filled with burners and characters that depart from the standard tribal design and sailor styles. He has invigorated the base and shed light on some very important players, for those who are in the dark.
I finished up my cigarette as I rounded the corner, just in time to climb the stairs to Kings Avenue. Oliver Peck was hanging out and making tattoos as well, and I learned he has the largest collection of Harrison art there is. As we walked the street on our way out of town, I thought about hanging this piece in my tattoo shop, but I know it will never make it out my front door.
Includes an introduction in English and provides a glossary of design terms to help you better understand the images and their history.
Join us in celebrating the artwork of the best artists that have transitioned from the streets to the tattoo shops around the world including Jason Kundell, Mr. This book is another great compilation out by the Tattoo Tribal magazine group - one of the most popular tattoo magazines here in Japan.
Text is in English except for shop addresses in the back, book is softcover with high quality binding and nice thick pages.
This is an amazing collection and a must have for anyone interested in Japanese tattoo art and design. That was the piece I wanted to add to my collection, but I was too late and it didn’t really matter… every time you blinked your eyes there was another piece to connect with.
It would be a brilliant book to keep in the shop - big clear pictures to help in tattoo design. Some obvious shelf wear on the sleeve but it did it's job - the book itself is in mint condition. The documentary is complete, but deVita’s last showing at Kings Avenue still feels very much an extension of the record.

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