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Hands down, without a doubt, the two biggest bitches at Sundance – Teri Hatcher and Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars. First Teri – saw her hangin’ off her man (ex boyfriend of Eva Longoria) arriving at the Village at the Lift where the Fred Segal suite was open for business.
You might be sick of my tagline but even the most amateur of gossips, the most hardcore of Nicole believers has to concede at this point that this recent well timed photo opp, in Australia no less, is much more Conspiracy than it is Coincidence. Angelina Jolie gets cheesy…who would have thought? But if there was ever a week to show a “softer” side, this would be it.

Geri Halliwell with her daughter BlueBell Madonna – for the record, I adore the name BlueBell – bundled up for chilly temperatures. He's an EMT and engineer with the Ogden City Fire Department, but when he isn't driving a firetruck or operating with the hazmat crew, he's a captain running a tight ship at Deja Vu 2 Tattoo and Piercings.Conley came into ownership of the shop, in the Newgate Mall, in February.
In fact, since Blue, Geri has never looked better. Check her out earlier this week at a premiere in London – radiant, fit, healthy, and accompanied by Kenny Goss, George Michael’s longtime lover… Faghag for life, right?

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