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Growing up listening to metal and alternative music, she was always fascinated by the visual expression of that culture; this evidently carries over into her current work. Over the last six years in the industry, Mo has developed a unique style that she works tirelessly to achieve. From bold, bright and colourful abstract, watercolour, pointillism and realism she can do it all! My love for the art of tattooing came from growing up with my Grandad being in the armed services. My passion for tattooing came from being a young man in Scotland, with a love of the skateboard scene. My specialties are broad range however my love for tattooing always comes back to the Traditional. Tim Dywelska has started this Japanese tattoo style painting, in preparation for a new business card which he’s working on.
Pablo Morte recently did his excellent black and grey tattoo of the North Melbourne town hall.
Wade Johnston recently did this bluebird tattoo, which is a smaller part of a whole sleeve tattoo.
Finding influence  from the skate board and snowboard culture that he grew up in with all of its visual graphics lead him on a life long journey pursuing graphic design, multimedia and print where he worked for over 8 years solidly with some of the leading snow and skate board brands up until 2010.

She has worked in some of the most reputable studiosa€™, alongside some of the worldsa€™ best tattooists across Australia and in the UK and now calls Melbourne her home. As a child seeing him have tattoos from an era when tattoos were for servicemen and people alike a passion arose in me from an early age. I began my apprenticeship at the age of 20, and have continued to do the job I love for over 6 years. Watching the performances of skaters, and the artform of tattooing which adourned their bodies, I decided that this art was something I would love to be a part of. My chosen field has given me the opportunity to tattoo under and for some of the worlda€™s best tattooers.
This is available to be tattooed, so if you want to get a full back piece tattooed in Melbourne, come see Lachie. And if asked nicely, he will do an amazing sacred geometry tattoo, as you can see in the above photo. Oil paintings and sculpture took the early spot light teaching him the fundamentals of colour blending and smoothing.These early passions gave Andy a good base to start off from when the "bug" took a hold of him, and his true calling became clear. Wanting to push and hone his skills further and to have more visual freedom away from the computer desk, he landed a traditional style tattoo apprenticeship under his good friend and great artist AJT, where he worked in an inner city street style shop he paid his dues and started tattooing full time. Maria enjoys practising illustrative styles, using dark evil imagery, organic textures and would one day like to explore realism.

She devotes time and passion to each piece, making sure to give her clients a piece of art they will love for the rest of their lives. At the age of 15 my grandad passed away making me more intent on pursuing the art form known as Tattooing. Andy was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship under Ben Lake, who gave him an old school upbringing and introduction into the industry.
Ryan's passion for tattooing has now emerged and grown further with his love for painting flash and skin, patience and drive keep him moving, learning and progressing as an artist, now tattooing is taking him where he wants to go, not looking back. From there his passion for tattooing and the skills required only grew.While still having a love for all styles Andy now likes to focus on realism and colour work of any kind. Perfecting the craft and trying to push his own unique style, specialising in colour work and more traditional styles of tattooing, he also loves to take the client and push their ideas as far as they can reach while also satisfying their needs within their projects to make them as polished as possible, he also enjoys script work and black and grey work wherever he can. Andy also loves to design and tattoo a mix of traditional and new school artwork that blends together as neo traditional tattooing. Andy has now been tattooing for the better part of 5 years he is starting to find his groove and is more than keen to have a chat and develop some cool custom artwork for you and your mates.

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