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Save the date for Brooklyn Art Council's annual benefit to be held on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at Giando on the Water. Group exhibition featuring artwork by 14 Brooklyn artists commemorating the 1st anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. In ancient times, tattoos were not only applied for decoration, but they were also held symbolic significance as well. While most tattoo artists will usually have hundreds or sometimes thousands of existing images for clients to choose from, most will also create custom tattoos for clients that request them. Once a design has been chosen, a tattoo artist will usually transfer the basic outline of the tattoo onto the client’s skin. After a tattoo has been applied, a tattoo artist will also educate his client on proper tattoo aftercare.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not offer specific salary data for individuals with a career in tattooing. As with most art careers, however, this salary is not a constant, and it can vary depending on a tattoo artist’s skill and location, among other things.
In most areas, individuals must first complete a tattooing apprenticeship before they can begin their tattooing career. At the beginning of a tattooing apprenticeship, an aspiring tattoo artist will often find himself sterilizing equipment and practicing his drawing skills, and he may help create or modify tattoo art. Since safety and cleanliness is such an important issue in tattooing, aspiring tattoo artists will also need to learn all of the different sterilization techniques necessary for this career. New tattoo artists may want to work in an existing tattoo or body modification studio at first. Required EducationAlthough a degree is not required to become a Tattoo Artist, many professionals in the field pursue a degree in Illustration, Graphic Design or Animation to advance their career. With the job market recovering but still shaky, people with tattoos find it even harder to get hired, prompting them to reconsider their body art.
According to The Patient's Guide, a website comprised of 25 niche publications dedicated to skin care, laser tattoo removal has increased 32 percent over the past year, with many citing employment as a main reason for the treatment. Mundt said her clients are primarily concerned with tattoos that are located on the wrist and neck.

One of Mundt's clients, Gregory Barkley, told ABC 15 that his former boss took issue with a neck tattoo he had. Mundt uses laser treatment to get rid of tattoos and said it takes on average about 10 appointments to completely remove a tattoo, with appointments taking place every six weeks. She said the pain is almost unbearable without the use of a numbing agent, which is injected into the skin prior to the laser zapping the ink.
It is a type of body modification that involves creating permanent words or images on the skin.
Some tattoos were applied because they had religious meaning, for instance, while others were status symbols.
These individuals will typically create tattoos based on what each individual client wants. Because so many dangerous pathogens and diseases can easily be transferred through blood and bodily fluids, a tattoo artist must take precautions to prevent this.
A client may provide a picture for the artist to recreate, or they may just provide a specific idea for the artist to use. Generally, tattoos should be kept clean in order to avoid infection and speed up the healing process. To fine tune these skills, some aspiring tattoo artists may choose to take drawing classes at an art school, although this is not absolutely necessary. These apprenticeships usually require aspiring tattoo artists to work alongside established tattoo artists. Before he can begin tattooing clients, however, he will usually need to practice using a tattoo gun on inanimate objects, like fruit rinds and leather.
In most areas, an individual must be certified by the Health Department before he can start his tattooing career.
Before they can open shop, however, these studios must first be examined by the Health Department to ensure that they abide by all of the rules and regulations that must be followed before a person can begin their tattooing career.
Jen Mundt of Delete Tattoo Removal in Phoenix said she sees about 20 to 22 people a day looking to remove their tattoos for prospective jobs. Mundt said that although the price is high, especially for the unemployed, it should be viewed as an investment in one's future.

In order to get these images on the skin, ink must be injected under the surface of the skin, by piercing it with a small needle. At a few points in history, tattoos were even used to mark slaves, as well as prisoners and other criminals.
Different images can range from simple flowers and cartoon characters, to more ornate portraits and scenes. Some tattoo artists might also perform other forms of body modification, such as piercings or brandings. These precautions may include discarding tattooing needles after each client, and sterilizing other hard to replace equipment, like tattoo guns.
Depending on the look he wants to create, a tattoo artist will usually use a several different types of tattoo needles.
Some tattoo artists might also recommend a special salve or ointment to apply to the fresh tattoo as well. Once a master tattoo artist is confident that the budding artist can successfully and safely use the tattooing equipment, he will then begin to apply tattoos to real live individuals.
I live in Aalborg, Denmark, so I am looking for a permament job in this area, or a guest spot somewhere nearby.
While not every tattoo has a deep meaning to its wearer, most tattoos still signify something. Individuals will usually choose a tattoo that means something to them, such as an important turning point in their lives. Most tattoo salves also contain antibiotics, which can help prevent infection and scarring. Tattoo artists must be careful which salve or ointment they recommend, however, since some of these can react negatively with certain inks used to create tattoos.

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