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Some of the earliest archaeological discoveries of tattoos were in Peru.In 1920, archaeologists in Peru unearthed tattooed mummies dating from the 11th Century AD.

Also noteworthy, he does not shy away from color in photo-realism as other artists have been known to do, distinguishing him from the well-known realism artist Kat Von D, whose over-timidity with color has been cited as her weakness in the art.Browsing through his portfolio, one might forget that the canvas is skin, and his brush a needle.
While I’m on a roll analogizing, I’d say Last Rites was the upscale car dealership and Stefano was the fancy import. Connoisseurs of fine art are not concerned with silly things such as price.I looked for an official website for Stefano, but all I found was a parked domain. New York born and bred, and originally from Spring Valley, he has lived for years at a time in every borough in the City and has no plans to move anywhere else.

As a tattooed tattoo enthusiast, he founded NY Body Art in January of 2011 as a resource focusing on his two greatest loves.

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