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In the list of the most outstanding tattoos in the contemporary world Owl Tattoos hold a special place. In addition to deep and mysterious meaning, owls tattoos are also popular as they offer limitless possibilities for design.
If your tattoo artist is experienced with making shades and combining diversity of colors, then owl with its wing spread is just for you. Plus, in the second picture you can see how weird it is not touching the flowers on top, but hugging the ones on the bottom? I see this a lot, not just with that last guy- if you're trying to take a picture of yourself but it keeps coming out blurry, figure out the closest distance your camera can focus at. The problem is, all of the classic imagery is rooted in what women have been, historically, expected to like. To the question you received about breaking up a tattoo into 2 or more sessions… Also there is a point, depending on where you are getting it and the amount of ink being used, where skin will stop taking it well.
Over all, the best answer is always to know your body and do what you’re comfortable with.
Owl, majorly being a symbol of protection and wisdom, mystery and intelligence is a special tattoo for tattoo lovers. There are over 200 species of Owls around the world and this diversity offers infinite choices to tattoo lovers. It can be first performed in drawing, with a black pencil, owl shape can be created by combination of several lines. For example you can make your owl tattoo look like a cartoon character or actually tattoo a real cartoon character. The full picture give your tattoo artist or a designer more possibility to experiment with shapes and colors and create a unique and eye catching tattoo for you.
Owl tattoos or just owl paintings have been inspirational to hundreds of people during last century and many creative, surprising, unique designs have been created.
The top is far more olive and the portion over the carnation is super light in comparison to the bottom of the flowers.

But this doesn’t take into account any other part of the artwork besides the up-front imagery of skull, flowers. The wings could take up a bit more of your pecks and the fire could do something more interesting like wrap around your arms? The blue seems a bit of a nice touch too but, again, just needed to take your unique body into account a bit more. Maybe I'm just tired but I know some people get inked and colored right away and then other do two separate sessions.
That can give your tattoo a fun look and also let you play with such ideas as wisdom and divinity. This sort of tattoos are usually done in bigger size, and most common places for them on the body are shoulder, back and thigh. Darker colors where red, dark green and black dominate give the tattoo stunning and a magic look. Just have a look to the picture gallery below¬†¬† and find an owl tattoo most suitable for you. But with this rise in popularity, it's getting even harder than ever to tell the difference between a quality piece of art and a piece that will fade into a black smudge. I wanted something more feminine than just a basic skull and I think it came out wonderful. The blue flowers are almost psychedelic, the colors are very dark, and the proportions are awkward. For a sleeve it might take 3-5 hours just to outline; for a back piece, maybe twice that much. Owl tattoos performed in brighter colors are also spectacular as body and the wings of the owl create endless possibilities for the imagination of an artist. The reason i got this tattoo was because I had a mentally abusive step-father for 12 years, and i self-harmed for 7 of those years.
And some people just can’t deal with much pain at all, so even for a small piece they might need to do 2 sittings.

In other cultures, like Egyptian or Celtic, owl was considered to be a protector of the dead.
The jester has an evil face with a long drawn, crooked nose and the image can be quite scary. However, as majority of owl tattoos are actually colorful and have complicated pattern, simple owl tattoos are lately considered to be more unique and personal.
The joke can represent the wild side of life or a personality that is not afraid to take risks. Owls, are sometimes seen as the symbols of transition as the bird was believed to bear the soul of those who had passed away and pass it to another world. For Native Americans owl was also a bird who was keeping sacred knowledge, as owls are very sensitive towards weather changes and their behavior can tell a lot about coming weather conditions. Any character can be represented by the joker costume with its wild hat with bells on the ends of the extensions.
In addition to this, owls can see at night, that is why Native Americans considered owls to know all the secret information. When choosing your joker tattoo check to make sure that the color of the tattoo goes with the color of your skin. If you are a dark skinned person you might want to give a tattoo that is more vibrant like bright colors with a darker outline.
And to make it more personal make sure the joker tattoo says something about your personality as well.

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