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InkSanity Tattoo and Piercing Courses People interested in learning the Art of Tattoo and Piercing are welcomed. Watar has demonstrated an incredible drive to master technical line work within his tattoo designs. Due to passing away of our father we might be slow in replying your email, our sincere apologies, please bare with us during this difficult time.
With our help you can learn a range of various tattooing techniques that will have you producing artwork to a high level in a short span of time. Our training school takes online payments, meaning you can enroll in advance no matter where you happen to be.
If you are serious about learning this art form and making a career out of it then we welcome you heartily at our school.
It’s a simple fact that learning is generally accomplished with thorough practice and concentration. From basics to advanced and traditional bamboo training, our courses are affordable targeted toward any experience level.
We've built our name and the trust in the industry by our unique style, dedication as well as our hard work over a decade, so you too can count on us to make you, have a good brand as we have.
A:The best way to learn to tattoo is by having a Professional Tattoo Artist show you hands on techniques that will help you learn how to guide a tattoo machine and become skilled Dermagraphic artist. If you have done a few tattoos or if you are a total novice to the world of tattooing then I can advise you on the best course to enroll on. We are often asked how we can possibly provide a complete tattoo training course in just 5 days, well we have been doing it for 15 years, we have trained doctors, lawyers, nurses, renown artists, circus performers, jewelry designers, graphic designers, models, male strippers, computer salesmen, bikers, professional wrestlers and even famous comedians. We have trained student that have opened studios all over South Africa, United Kingdom, Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and others. For 14 years we have been training Students who have opened their own businesses all over the world.

Our Course is not just how to tattoo but how to run a successful tattoo studio, others claim to do the same but we can assure you their is no other course like ours. We developed our own unique tattoo training courses from the necessity to train a young art student into a competent tattooer in the shortest amount of time.
We organised all the technical skills into a 36 modules of intense study, as tattooing is more than just having knowledge about how to do the tattoos but more importantly training the hands, eyes and feet to do the process smoothly and efficiently. Once the technical aspects are understood and the practical aspects of being a technically proficient tattoo artist are mastered it is then time for the artistic element of the tattoo to be studied. We have developed a 5 day training program that includes all these into an easy to learn program divided into 33 basic steps.
Learn to tattoo from the professionals, we will improve your drawing skills, learn tattoo from our professional tattoo artists.
The picture above are some students being trained in East London, It was one of the best facilities we have had from a hotel, our students tattooed many of the staff and they can’t wait for us to come back again. Here at Tattoo School Thailand we offer all the traditional and modern  training you will need to make a career out of this art. Our courses are all designed and taught by masters of the art who have honed their skills over decades of experience.
We recognize that to become a good tattooist your education needs to be results orientated, intense and proven effective. We specialize in teaching the traditional and modern techniques of Thai Oriental tattooing, incorporating new and old school designs, as well as custom artwork, into the program.
We are the only place give you work on real skin from the beginning till the last day of the course.
Considered a choice beach resort by Thai Royalty for many generations, Hua Hin nearly sings with an array of culture Explore white sand beaches, elephant-led tours, exciting shopping districts, countless historical sites, and more. So whether  you want to open your own business or just earn extra money or explore your creative side with a new art form our course is for you.

Our Master tattoo Trainers is a legend in South Africa and has trained students from all over the world. At that time the only available training method was a 3 year apprenticeship that involved thousands of hours just shop minding, cleaning and making coffee. While other tattoo training schools make this a long and tedious process, we have a simplified course curriculum. With limited availability, if you would like to guarantee a spot on our course then sign up today.Tattoo School Thailand adheres to strict clinical standards. From kite-surfing to dining on notoriously delicious Thai cuisine, when you’re not studying tattooing, Hua Hin will keep you constantly entertained.
Our history in the industry has also garnered our institution a number of international awards which is why we can boast a curriculum that’s second to none. For this reason our tattoo training school is recognized as one of the best in Thailand, as our masters consistently train pupils into experts. We claim only what we can do and are confident that you’ll gain proficiency under the guidance of our master teachers.
For custom and traditional tattooing services, we welcome a diverse clientele through our doors.
Within the second week you will see yourself working with a professional tattooing machine.
Internationally renowned for our experimental designs, we create masterpieces that you’ll wear proudly for life.

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