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When it comes to Facebook Timeline Covers abstract image categories are becoming extremely popular. Some repetitive patterns start emerging as you scan through these multiple Facebook Cover websites. I searched over 100 Facebook Cover websites to bring you 10 websites that showcase strong examples of Abstract Facebook Covers. While not following the textbook definition entirely many images in the abstract category border on the surreal, expressionistic realms of digital art, postmodern art, action painting styles pioneered by Jackson Pollock and even geometric expressive form. They may even represent the blending of some or all of these styles. You’ll see vibrant colors, strong elements of lines and patterns with emphasis on form that are consistent throughout in most of these digital art pieces. Emotion and imagination can go unchecked when the artist truly escapes the realms of worldly devices to create digital wonders that inspire and pull at our fragile emotions.

All Covers are free to download to your computer or upload with special apps to your Facebook Timeline photos. You can log into your Facebook account for easy uploads to your Timeline with coverphotoz or right click and save the image to your computer. Get-Covers: has over 50 pictures and digital Cover photos to select from in the abstract category. The great thing is these abstract, surreal and expressive digital images make wonderful, eye-catching Covers for your Timeline that will surely convey strong feelings and emotions to all of your friends on Facebook. Look for more covers to be added soon.  Images can be saved to your computer by the right click and save option. There are some excellent unique images that are perfect representations of the meaning of abstract with titles like Eyes, 3D Color Smoke, Elements in Glass, Squares and Grids, Colored Water Bomb, Banana Rainbow, and an animated Raining Rainbows Cover.

Images are mostly not titled with an incredible, diverse showcase of high quality digital colors, design and composition.  The images on this site mostly have a certain style similar to expressionistic techniques in traditional art, a splattering of color, energy and feeling. Some images border on the surreal like the bizarre Butterflies, Music is Life, Drip Paint Zebra, Lion Flame, Skyline, Colors, Spring, Dragons, Flame, Grey Swirls, Highway, Girly and Girl and Flames. Just click on the image to get a larger picture, right click and save it to your Facebook Cover’s folder for future upload to your Timeline.

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