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Once more, iOS comes to the rescue in the most unexpected way: a one-dollar app that designs tattoos for you. Oh yes.Instattoo is one of those apps that demonstrates just how versatile a smart phone can be.
All it takes is someone to encounter a problem, and dream up a solution that fits on a small screen.Of course an app like this is only ever going to appeal to a small minority of a small minority of people.

Only some folk ever get tattooed at all, and only some of them are ever going to want the large, extravagant and complicated tattoos suggested by this app. It could do with being more random – at the moment, it only works within the confines of the currently selected style, and retains the rotation symmetry of the preceding design. It would be better if it randomized everything.You can play around with these options for many hours, looking for something you like.

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