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With the right tattoo design, it will allow you to express your creativity, mark an occasion, and provide others with a unique insight into your life. Once you’ve chosen the tattoo design, ask someone with artistic talent to sketch your tattoo idea, and explore different options by varying colors and sizes before committing.
Liverpool keep or sell: Which players should Jurgen Klopp upgrade to help the Reds kick on next term? Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement announcement was released on Twitter - and their royal baby boy has certainly been delivered in the social media era.

Or maybe you’d just like your tattoo design to mirror an image or symbol that is meaningful to you. But shortly before the formal statement was taken from St Mary's Hospital to Buckingham Palace the news was released to media in an emailed press release.
But royal fans around the world were also brought into the occasion as the happy event was shared on the royal family's social media sites. The medical staff present were Mr Marcus Setchell, Surgeon-Gynaecologist, Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston, Obstetrician and Dr Sunit Godambe, Consultant Neonatologist at St.

The baby is third in the line of succession after His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge.
The announcement was also posted in more traditional fashion on the easel at Buckingham Palace - and shared in more modern fashion on the Monarchy's Instagram page.

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