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The sun tattoos date back many thousands of years ago and it was very wide spread because many cultures all the way from Asia, Europe, Africa, South Americans and many more identified with the sun tribal tattoos.
The sun designs are used in many religious movements and you will even find it on the U.S dollar bills note on the reveres side of it. The sun is the cause of dusk and dawn, therefore this really amazed our ancestors also because of its strong source of energy thus they really sought to identify themselves with it. In the list of the most outstanding tattoos in the contemporary world Owl Tattoos hold a special place.
In addition to deep and mysterious meaning, owls tattoos are also popular as they offer limitless possibilities for design.
If your tattoo artist is experienced with making shades and combining diversity of colors, then owl with its wing spread is just for you. The design of the sun tattoo varies from a wide diversity of cultures and tribal understanding. Among the oldest tattoo collections that the Japanese have, the tribal sun tattoo is one of the oldest. Various European cultures used to worship the sun, Asians such as the Hindus, Japanese also had a very strong passion for the sun thus the reason why they worshipped it and tattooed its sign on their bodies.
This is one element in tattooing that can be drawn out in numerous ways, creating different effects, symbolism and of course background designs.
Owl, majorly being a symbol of protection and wisdom, mystery and intelligence is a special tattoo for tattoo lovers.
There are over 200 species of Owls around the world and this diversity offers infinite choices to tattoo lovers.
It can be first performed in drawing, with a black pencil, owl shape can be created by combination of several lines. For example you can make your owl tattoo look like a cartoon character or actually tattoo a real cartoon character. The full picture give your tattoo artist or a designer more possibility to experiment with shapes and colors and create a unique and eye catching tattoo for you. Owl tattoos or just owl paintings have been inspirational to hundreds of people during last century and many creative, surprising, unique designs have been created. Like any other creature of nature, swallow tattoos are attributed with the qualities usually associated with birds but in a more dainty and elegant manner. Compass tattoos look great with their round shape and etched bearings and will remind the wearer that they are never lost, always simply on a journey to somewhere.A compass is a pretty vital instrument that any traveler would need in his or her pack, making it one of the most common tattoos for a frequent traveler to get done. For example in the Mayan culture of South America, the tattoos were signs of leadership, depending on the color and design used to produce the tattoos.
The sun tattoo was initially created by the tribea€™s men to honor their highly valued sun gods. Therefore people would insist on putting the tribal sun tattoos in order to get that deep satisfying feeling of being close to the most powerful gods of all. While it can be used as a sole design element, showcasing the beauty of the bee that not many get to see up close, it is typically used to create detailed backgrounds for larger tattoos such as floral, pond or nature designs. That can give your tattoo a fun look and also let you play with such ideas as wisdom and divinity. This sort of tattoos are usually done in bigger size, and most common places for them on the body are shoulder, back and thigh.
Darker colors where red, dark green and black dominate give the tattoo stunning and a magic look. Just have a look to the picture gallery below   and find an owl tattoo most suitable for you. However, depending on the size and the design, swallow tattoos can present a much different appeal.We will tell you some of the tales and beliefs that are attached to swallows as well as the symbolism behind this tattoo design. Compass tattoo designs are usually pretty common amongst nautical lovers, fisherman and of course military personnel as well. Other tattoos related to the tribal tattoo are the Celtic knots, crosses, tribal arm bands, scorpions and many more. Owl tattoos performed in brighter colors are also spectacular as body and the wings of the owl create endless possibilities for the imagination of an artist.
All these details should enable you to make the right decision with regard to your own tattoo design.From a historical standpoint, you will find that sailors often preferred to get the swallow tattoos in combination with many other nautical symbols. These compass themed tattoos comes in several styles such as the nautical star compass, rose compass, star compass and the prismatic compass. Most people from other cultures all over the world are very much intrigued by the inner meaning of these very unique tattoos work of art. Once you have decided to get a bee tattoo then you can explore the symbolism that you want to attribute to your tattoo. In other cultures, like Egyptian or Celtic, owl was considered to be a protector of the dead.
This is because these are the first birds that you get to see when you reach firm land and thereby deemed by the sailors as a good omen. Japanese used these form of tattoos to identify one form of clan from another or differentiating different religious beliefs within their community. In the earlier times it was believed that bees are sent from the heavens as they had the innate ability to find their way back home.

However, as majority of owl tattoos are actually colorful and have complicated pattern, simple owl tattoos are lately considered to be more unique and personal. The swallow is also known to fly alongside vessels in the sea and land on the ship when tired. It is also believed that Celts along with some people of European origin used these designs in the early centuries.It was believed that having a compass tattoo protected the wearer when they traveled over rough waters and ensured that they returned home in one piece. This quality made them equate the bee to the soul and this made it a bad thing to kill a bee.Some view the bee as a sign of sexuality and fertility. We have put together 45 of our favourite ones for you to take a look at.Lower stomach designThis is a popular spot for both males and females to get tattoos. Owls, are sometimes seen as the symbols of transition as the bird was believed to bear the soul of those who had passed away and pass it to another world. A popular place that you will see swallow tattoos are on the chest and with sailors, a number is usually found around the wings representing the distance they have traveled. Among Christians it was believed that the bee signified hope and also showed us the way of living together as a society. It is considered a sexy area, because it is often where the pant line starts and also gives a great flat surface area for tattooists to work with. For Native Americans owl was also a bird who was keeping sacred knowledge, as owls are very sensitive towards weather changes and their behavior can tell a lot about coming weather conditions. Other sailors would only get a swallow tattoo when they accomplished traveling across the Seven Seas.Among the Greeks and Romans, the swallow was linked with Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love. As such, many family members of naval officers and fisherman would also wear either tattoos or jewelry charms of a compass to support their loved ones and wish them a safe journey.The compass tattoo with the star in it is used to represent the north star, which was the point of origin to guide people on directions.
A study of bees would show us that they they do have many things to teach us regarding the social order of things. In addition to this, owls can see at night, that is why Native Americans considered owls to know all the secret information.
The Greeks believed that the swallows could carry the souls of those who passed away onto the underworld. They have a strong work ethic, they believe in cleanliness and they have decided social hierarchy. It is not uncommon for people to get multiple roses tattooed together and often each one will represent something to that person, maybe even something such as a love in their life.Rose sleeve tattooThe rich dark red colour is the most traditional of roses and this colour means it works great as a tattoo.
Among Christians, it was believed that swallows symbolized the rebirth of the old souls – making them a popular memorial tattoo today. There is the aesthetic appeal that adds to the fondness for this tattoo design.Since the compass is such a thing that is used by people from different walks of life, even the personnel from armed forces favored this as a tattoo design.
This is why they were considered by the Mayans, an ancient civilization as the symbol of royalty.
To many individuals, both religious and non-religious – swallows signify a new beginning.Are you starting over from a difficult time in your life?
Again it was believed that having a compass tattoo provided protection and much needed guidance. Can you imagine something so tiny having such an impact and so much significance?However, many people opt to get queen bee tattoo designs to showcase their leadership qualities and other amazing attributes such as independence, seniority or their ability to make others cater to their every need!You can have your own thoughts on this tiny buzzing creature and have a tattoo designed accordingly. As a matter of fact these two beautiful flowers share a lot of meanings in the world of symbolism and body art.
Swallow tattoos can often symbolize the rebirth of life itself – not just from death but from living. In many designs with the compass in it you will find the letter N as it represents the north which is a significant direction.
The realistic looking tattoo designs showing the bee in its natural habitat or flying in a swarm has its own draw. Throughout history, a rose has held a special place in tales, legends and parts of different cultures.
Armed forces would often look up to the N in the compass as something that would help them go home safely and without getting lost.Since most compass tattoos represent a sense of direction they are also associated with time. The Chinese believe that swallows show danger and change towards the better as well as loyalty. Many compass tattoo designs have been drawn alongside other design elements that represent time as well such as hour glasses, clocks and sun dials.
Some of the compass based tattoos also have things like floral designs and ribbons added to them.Some compass tattoo designs my also have the globe in them.
It use to be reserved for people who were considered to have done time in prison or be associated to gangs of some kind. This is because the swallow is known to have the same mate for life.Among Egyptians the swallow again represented motherhood. Bees are the providers of honey which is a product that we all use.As far as designs go you can also go for a really small but cute looking bee. If you look through the course of history you will find that swallows represented many things and had high symbolic value.
Plus since the compass is an important instrument for marine travel, it can be drawn in conjunction with the anchor which is also part of sea travels.As far as meanings go, a compass tattoo has one very obvious and important meaning- that of stopping from becoming lost and finding the right direction. This is especially appealing for those who are getting their first tattoo and would like something small to curtail the pain but really cute and full of symbolism.

It is also easy for them to cover it up when need be.Ladies rose arm sleeve tattooA beautiful and alternative style tattoo with a mixture of red and black roses. You can also go in for the cartoon version with a cute expression on its face.The bee can also be used to show anger or aggression by showing a swarm of angry bees getting ready to attack. Whilst red generally indicates love, black on the other hand is usually symbolic of a lost one in someones life.Shoulder tattoo designThis design is a rose inside a celtic style ring. When used to symbolize the triumph of a disease, you may often see the color of the bird depicted as the color of the disease awareness. A person feeling lost in sense of direction or purpose could use the compass tattoo as a means of gaining a particular direction and fulfilling a noble purpose. For example, breast cancer survivors often choose a pink swallow while lymphoma survivors will often choose shades of green.A swallow tattoo on the fist indicates power and the ability to fight. You can combine a bee tattoo design with many elements of nature.If you are feeling like unleashing your feminine power you can depict the queen bee ruling over her subjects. But it turned red when the goddess of love, Aphrodite bled on a rose after been poked by a thorn. This is one of the most popular positions of this type of tattoo that you will see amongst women – more often than not domestic violence victims.
It has also been seen that people in hazardous professions like armed forces and merchant navy personnel feel the need to get the compass tattoo. In tattoo designs one can often see a rose portrayed along with a drop of blood oozing from it.
It is believed to be a good omen and portents safety and protection.With people struggling to find personal and professional direction in life, the compass tattoo seems to offer a beacon of hope to people in finding the right path.
Since the bee is a pretty small object combining this with other elements also works very easily.
It is only through years of transformation by the cultivation and refinement process that the rose got its lovely appearance that we all appreciate so much today.
Mainly chosen by sailors to honor their spouses, sweethearts or any important female figure in their lives. It was also a way of honoring all the sacrifices the women had to make while their men folk were out at sea. Tattoo designs based on this theme can show the rose in full bloom or as a bud that is about to blossom, or even as a bunch of roses. Rose tattoos can also symbolize faith when combined with things of religious significance.Above is another common design element with the skulls that we mentioned earlier. We can’t say the same however for neck tattoos which can be hard to hide and are a big commitment.
Sometimes less is more with tattoos and you only need to have a design like this to have that beautiful and alternative look that a lot of guys and girls are going for these days.Crown and diamondsDiamonds are another popular tattoo design and we love how detailed this one is. It looks really cool how you can see parts of the rose through the prism of the diamond.Treble clefA clever way of winding the musical treble clef symbol in to the rose stem. We will let you be the judges.Leopard print back pieceNotice the love heart shaped leopard print patterns? It’s more modern and involves a lot more colours than your traditional red, black and green rose design. None the less it looks incredibly well done and beautiful.Hip designHere is a great example of a darker rose tattoo.
Sometimes red can be a bit too bright on people and if you want something more subtle you can always opt for darker, deeper reds and use a lot more black such as the design above. It can take a long time for this method but the result is stunning.Float like a butterflyHere is a really great floral themed piece. They have incorporated both roses and daisies together and then topped it off nicely with some beautiful butterflies.
Sometimes they can even symbolise the changing of a girl in to a women.Black rose blossomHere is an alternative take on the traditional rose tattoo. Most people start with something very meaningful in the middle of the design and work their way out. Common elements to have in the middle are love hearts, time pieces, owls, birds, skulls and other animals. We love how they have worked the roses up to their shoulders and its all looking symmetrical. Because of the positioning of the piece it also means that you can easily cover it up with a t-shirt.Roses all overWhilst traditionally people would link up all the tattoos on their arms in to more of a sleeve design, it is becoming increasingly popular to get lots of smaller designs up your arms that are not necessarily linked up by anything.
This gives people the opportunity to get a lot more things that are meaningful to them rather than one big design. As you can see from the above photo the person has multiple roses and even has some red and some yellow ones, the colour options with roses are definitely limitless.We hope you enjoyed our selection of rose tattoo designs and that they sparked some inspiration or ideas for your own rose tattoo design that you may be working on. The great thing about roses is that they are very versatile, can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body (even as small as the fingers) and they are universally considered beautiful so everyone that sees it will be able to appreciate it’s beauty. Ing Reply nicole Really beautiul art ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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