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If you are going to get a tattoo you want to get the absolute best tattoo drawing possible because you most likely are going to have it the rest of your life.
Speaking of tattoo drawings if you want ideas you have a ton of access with the advent of the internet and Google.
Tattoos hurt there is no getting around this and some might be inclined to get into the chair after having a few doses of "liquid courage" but this is a bad idea. If you follow these steps you should end up with a great tattoo representative of yourself and your personality. Fortunately there are some steps you can take to ensure that you get the tattoo that will be worth having the rest of your life.

You will most likely leave with a bandage over your tattoo and its important to keep this on. If you are like many others this won't be your last tattoo drawing either as many get the tattoo bug after the first! Take a look a their portfolio and see if their tattoo drawings are in line with your vision.
If you want your own you can take several tattoo designs and combine the aspects you like of each into your own. The bandage will protect the area from bacteria which could cause an infection and ruin the work.

That's why its a good idea to work with prospective artists to have them come up with a design around your image.
This isn't always the best option as it doesn't allow the area to breath and this won't aid the healing process. After cleaning use an anti-bacterial ointment to help the area heal but don't use Neosporin as some may have an allergic reaction with the end result being the loss of ink in areas of the tattoo making it look blotchy.

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