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Some of our steadiest items at the Tattoo Education store are the BJ Betts lettering books, and for a good reason: They are some of the most practical and useful books that a working tattooer can have in their toolkit.
Also, we just bought our plane tickets for the Paradise Artist Retreat coming up March 25-28 at the Tamaya Resort in New Mexico. For a decade and a half now I’ve been perfecting my Reinventing The Tattoo curriculum, which teaches some of the fundamentals of artistic design in a way that can be applied toward making your tattoo work stronger, more dynamic, and more unique.
I’d like to announce the release of the latest installment in the Reinventing series, Technique. If you are not yet a Reinventing The Tattoo member, it's a subscription-based educational package that gives you access to the entire Reinventing curriculum, which comes in a combination of e-book and video format and covers everything from the fundamentals of good tattoo design to working with references, using digital tools, expanding your skills through painting and other mediums, plus exhaustive chapters on tattooing technique.
For many years, tattoos have been used in advertising to promote and sell a variety of products.
Nikko Hurtado is one of Southern California's most prominent up-and-coming color portrait specialists, and has been instrumental in the color portrait genre gaining such popularity in recent years. With deluxe artistic approaches to lettering becoming more of a mainstay in day-to-day tattooing, Betts' books provide ways of keeping things interesting, customizing it, finding your own flow and your own style. It boils down some of the most important aspects of designing good custom lettering into a small pocket-sized guide that's sure to get a ton of mileage. It’s a four disk set that shows you closeup footage of the machine in action as I work through five different projects, presented in a concentrated format.

As the tattoo art form continues to evolve and grow in popularity, knowing what to do about unwanted tattoos is becoming more and more crucial for tattoo artists.
For subscribers to Reinventing The Tattoo, it comes free with your subscription as a part of the curriculum.
The live format also allowed for some insightful audience questions to round out the program. Since the electronic edition was released in October we've been steadily expanding the curriculum with guest chapters by Russ Abbott, Nick Baxter, Megan Jean Morris, Don McDonald and Halo Jankowski, plus new chapters by me about rotary machines and needle cartridges. Tattoos are seen in advertisements selling Marlboro and Silk Cut cigarettes, and used by such corporations as the Sony Company and the Coca-Cola Company in both their print and television ads. Although only tattooing since 2002, Nikko's natural talent and hard work ethic have placed him in a position of respect among the seasoned veterans in the profession, and he has been eager to share his experience with other inspired, hard-working artists. His explanations are clear, simple, massively useful, and written in a down-to-earth style that's easy to relate to. The first two disks are a special edition cut of my Guy’s Bag Of Tricks webinar, showing a project being done from start to finish as I answer a variety of questions from the audience.
It’s intended for professional tattooists only, or apprentices working under the guidance of a professional.
This video comes free as part of your Reinventing subscription, or can be purchased separately as a DVD for non-subscribers.

He has had multiple appearances on prominent TV shows such as LA Ink and Tattoo Wars, showing the public what is possible with color portraiture. The other two disks, Tightening 1 and 2, go into detail about finishing techniques, showing four projects up close, with a voiceover describing every move in detail as I demonstrate line building, detailing, smoothing and other development.
It includes chapters on several different types of coverup projects from small, single-pass pieces to large, epic transformations, and everything in between. The coverup chapters are just one of the many things that we've added this year to this expanding, high-power educational package. He has released two instructional DVDs, Tattooing Portraits With Nikko Hurtado and Tattooing De Los Muertos, which show his design and execution process from beginning to end; these disk is highly recommended for any artists with an interest in color realism or color work in general. It also goes into detail about the laser, showing several sample projects and discussing in detail the realities of the laser, including a lengthy FAQ that you can share with your clients when talking about the possibility of laser treatments. He is currently working hard at creating a new body of paintings in the same vein as his tattoo realism work. There is also a chapter on scar coverups, with examples of surgical scars, burn scars, electrical burns and other types of scarring, with strategies for effectively tattooing over even the trickiest skin.

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