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Below is a list of the most commonly requested Polynesian tattoos.  The brief description provided will be given based on the historical background you’ve just read modified with current considerations. Tribal Polynesian Tattoos – Tribal Polynesian tattoos are highly requested.  The problem is that Polynesia as explained above covers a huge area and each island developed their own tribal art. Polynesian Flower Tattoos – For Polynesian Flower Tattoos go with any native flower to your island.  For instance, Hawaiian’s would typically use the beautiful Hibiscus flower. Ancient Polynesian Tattoos – Ancient Polynesian tattoos would be designed from anything left of the ancient Polynesian culture.  These ancient Polynesian tattoos would then need to be designed from the glyph art that remains on Easter Island and possibly the statuary that remains there as well. Placement of Polynesian tattoos has been discussed some during the course of this article because of the importance the ancestors gave to the placement of tattoos. Interactive and reliable: Your translator answers your questions and tailors to your needs.
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The lion has been a part of many cultures and civilizations in the world – in Egypt, Greece, India and even the Mediterranean. Oh wow, one of the last ones on the page by Jun Cha (the black and white tattoo) is fantastic, I haven’t seen it before! Helleo, I love all these tatoos, I want one but I’m searching the Tatoo artist who can tatoo a real beautiful Lion on my arm so I love the third one with lioness and cubs, can you tell me who is the artist who made it? Aside from skulls, I guess lion tattoos are also one of the favorite designs that people ask for a tattoo.
The lion is one of the most popular animals for people to get tattooed on their bodies, and they have been for centuries.
Aside from the basic verbal symbolism of the lion, there are some deeper meanings connected to them as well.
As for women and lions, except for the cute little Simba tattoos that were once fairly popular, some opt for a tat of the lioness. Much like with tiger (or any other large cat) tattoos, many men opt to place them on the back in a large design.

When getting a tattoo of the actual animal and not a cartoon character, the most popular colors are the ones we see in nature. Solo artist Robbie Williams has a lion tattoo, along with others such as music notes, swallows, hearts and various numbers that must symbolize something to him! Christina Ricci has a beautiful tattoo on her right shoulder blade of the outline of a lion’s head. Mena Suvari has a lion tattooed on the back of her neck along with the words “Word Sound” placed under the image.
So, if you are considering getting a lion tattoo, remember that you will definitely be in good company! You need a profound understanding of the Kanji system across different cultures including Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese, as well as familiarity of the Western culture. The translator, Andres Leo, only provides translation services to PayPal-confirmed, paid requests. In order to avoid misunderstanding, please put your requested word(s) in English context or provide an explanation where necessary. People love lion tattoos not only for its cool appearance but also for its rich symbolic meaning. I can’t blame them because it looks really nice just like the ones you have in this list!
Choose wisely and make sure that the lion is something that is in your heart before you put it on your skin! In the case of email discrepancy, the translator will do his best to trace the payment information and contact the payer via email. If you have any question after receiving the translation, you are welcome to contact the translator, Andres Leo.
A person tattooed with a lion might signalize that this person is seeking the strength and power in order to gain respect. Those in Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East have put great emphasis on the lion tattoo for many centuries. For women, it is the shoulder blade or the small of the back for the lioness, and the ankle, wrist, foot, calf, shoulder, neck or hip for smaller tats or designs of cartoon lions.
Educated in Taiwan and the United States, his multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary background very well distinguishes him from the rest.

In the past, the people of Asia got tattooed with lion images as a way to show that they are full of energy and very powerful. Lions have always been known as the king of the jungle and this status portrays great power. Tribal art brings out the beast in such a design and can add even more meaning to the tattoo then by simply using the image from nature. Today, lion tattoos signify the same things, plus courage, savage protectiveness, glory, victory, strength, vitality, spirit and overall masculinity. He just kind of chills out all day while the lionesses (usually there are several in one pride) bear the children, “raise” the children and go hunting. Although there are some women who choose this tattoo design, the lion is predominantly a male figure. Some people choose the lion as a way to display their strength (both inner and outer) , authority and power. Lions are marked as being courageous and this is a trait that many people wish to connect themselves with. So, getting a tattoo of a female lion is symbolic of all women do as mothers, wives and providers for their family. When the Lion King came out, there was a burst in popularity of the lions depicted in the movie being tattooed on women. Looking at things from the point of view of the Egyptians, you can see that they used lions to symbolize both strength and balance. There are also many women who choose to get lion cubs tattooed on their body to symbolize their own children and the fact that they would fight fiercely to protect their “cubs”.
All of the meanings ascribed above are things that most men would not mind showing through their body art.

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