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Wer aktuell mit dem Gedanken an ein neues oder gar erstes Tattoo spielen sollte, sich allerdings bei dem Uberangebot an moglichen Motiven einfach nicht entscheiden kann, ist bei Tattoo-Artist Jay Freestyle eventuell genau an der richtigen Adresse.
He is called Jay Freestyle and the last part of his name is actually what he does frequently: he improvises tattoo designs during his session with his client. This tattoo took about 4 hours n i had crazy fun doing this amazing tattoo that was completlly freestyle on his skin.
Tattoo Thailand; Find the best tattoo studios and Thai tattoo artists in Thailand, Malaysia, Asia and beyond! We did speak to Yak for an interview at a Tattoo festival in Bangkok but unfortunately the footage was lost and so was the sign up information sheet, so actually we cannot tell you that much information at the moment, however we are waiting to hear back from the thai tattoo artist on facebook.

All the information you need to know about where to get tattooed safely in Thailand written by people who know and care; Blogs, Experience, Tattoo Studios, Ritual Tattoos, Bamboo Tattooing, Body modification, Piercing and other activities related to the tattoo lifestyle. Not all artists can do that, but this South African living in Amsterdam is all about learning on his own and thinking outside of the box. For a tattoo artist who has only been tattooing for 2 years this guy is absolutely incredible. His spontaneous creative process leaves clients in suspense, and then in awe with the cool tattoos he comes up with.
He surprised us at the Nakhom Unite music and tattoo festival with a freestyle “rock star” tattoo that landed him 3rd place (we think it should’ve been 1st place).

His tattoo looks professional and he is certainly an artist to check out whilst staying in Bangkok or traveling through Thailand and looking for that perfect holiday ink! Das der dafur aufzubringende Mut, die zu ertragende Spannung wahrend einer Sitzung und das immens riesige Vertraunen zu Jay, mit durchaus einzigartiger Korperkunst belohnt wird, zeigen die Bilder seiner Arbeiten. He has spent a long time in the art field working as a graphic designer prior to opening up a tattoo studio.

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