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For many people, guns are the personal freedom, the opportunity for people to the dangers of the world. Guns are more popular in tattoo art that other weapons – rifles, machine guns is, shotguns, etc. Almost all weapons are in place, tattoo designs to firearms course, the creation of long, narrow areas of the skin such as arms and legs or on the side of the fuselage.
A particularly popular version of the traditional weapon of tattoo designs is the weapon with wings tattoo tattoo designs.
Many winged tattoo guns have a woman in connection with the pistol grip, but this does not refer to anything in particular – and no, they are all variations on a unique design that is spreading Internet and become famous.
Many designs tattoo guns, the weapons that older models, sometimes as old as flintlock pistols.

Another one is inclined to the tattoo gun along the belt line instead, so that, when worn with the dress, as if stuck in his pants, so often the weapons out of sight appears. Rihanna, who has been laying low since her Grammy-weekend blowup with, and alleged assault by, Chris Brown, has a new gun tattooed on her body.
Rihanna, who also has "Shhh" tattooed on a finger, a Maori design on her right hand and stars behind her ear (that match stars behind Brown's ear) brought tattoo artist Bang Bang out to LA for her latest ink. He posted some photos and commentary on his MySpace page, where he wrote that she flew him to LA for one day and put him up at the Roosevelt so he could add to her body art. The end result is a design attitude, a message to those individuals a degree of nervousness in fashion. The most common sites is probably along the hip, especially with two guns, such as on the side, were cowboy holster.

While most use of firearms tattoo designs grays in particular for a realistic look, any license with a variety of bright colors. This has the added effect of attracting the eye to where the point of firearms, with a hint of sex appeal to add. This is a fantastic, almost celebratory tone to the design of firearms, which contrasts with the dangerous realities of the actual weapons give – by creating a unique and interesting as a visual image. For those who want a bit of danger and rebellion in a tattoo can be a weapon to make the right choice.

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