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I’m thinking of putting the outline of the state of California around the bear tattoo but haven’t made any decisions for sure yet. I’ve lived in California my whole life and I really missed it so I wanted to get a tattoo to remind me of home. I had to explain a few times what I wanted because they didn’t know what a California bear was.
I’m not sure what else would fit with the bear tattoo but I dont want anything too visible. I thought the California bear would be perfect because everyone would recognize the tattoo. If yes, then in this post, we will be sharing some of the latest and up to date “tattoo design ideas for names 2015”!

I got out of classes on a Friday and had a few hours to kill so I figured before I went out for Friday night I would go ahead and get the bear tattooed before going out. I might get the outline of the state around the bear tattoo at some point but I haven’t decided. I love cali and it will always be home to me so the bear tattoo has a lot of meaning for me because of that. I thought about getting the bear tattoo done when I went home to cali to visit but just kinda did it on a whim instead. It didn’t hurt bad at all, the worst part was right in the middle of the calf muscle because it kept spasming and twitching all the way through the bear tattoo.
We have seen that most of the men and women along with the younger generation go for tattoo designs that come in the names form, in other words, we can say that you can have tattoo designs in names like of zodiac signs, the name of your lover or anything.

I hand’t exactly planned it for a long time but I definitely spent most of the freshman year thinking about getting the bear tattoo done. Most of men and women like to have embossed the name of their lovers on their bodies and this trend has been gaining attention day by day!
We are putting some of the up to date pictures of tattoo design ideas for names for this year 2015, have a look at them from this webpage and pick out one of your favorite tattoo design!
There is lot more to come from this webpage related to tattoo designs so stay in touch with us and keep on getting some live updates!

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