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The tiger is known throughout the world as a fierce and wild creature and many people who want this sort of tattoo may want other people to think of them this way too.
There are many tattoo shops artist who can create highly detailed and colorful designs are wild and beautiful creatures. Your tiger tattoos may be a symbol of your own passion, or simply a sign of respect for this highly revered creature. I’ve had a few tattoos in my life so far and there were more than enough that were good and bad experiences alike. You should be able to find lots of tiger tattoos design on the Internet at various web sites with pictures or just looking for tiger tattoos on each search engine.

Either way, you will find that this bold design will make a strong statement of who you are. You can use any image for a tattoo so you may find something you like that is a bit different. These lillies grow everywhere where I live in summer and I think they’re just the prettiest sight.
I’d gotten so many in succession at the time that it just seemed like nothing anymore. I went through a phase of getting tattoos about once a week, they were different flowers all on the same leg next to each other, you can see the rose next to it that I got a couple of weeks before.

I only started getting tattoos recently so it was kinda new to me and I guess I went a little crazy there for a bit. The lilies tattoo does not have any meaning to me but the fact that when I see those flowers I think of home so i guess it reminds me of that. I like flowers because they’re kinda neutral, they dont have any meanings and they just look good.

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