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This week’s Tattoo Tuesday features a scorpion tattoo done by the artist, Austin Maples from Idle Hands Tattoo in San Francisco. We're generally of the opinion that commemorative tattoos of your partner's face are a bad idea.
Click through the slideshow below to see celebs who were saddled with tattoos they didn't want post-split. Russell Brand has reportedly removed or covered up the Sanskrit tattoo he got with then-fiancee Katy Perry in 2010. In this video Element Tattoo Supply offers information on how to transfer tattoo art from regular paper to carbon paper for the use of transferring the image to clients skin.

No matter the size or color, they are stunning and it’s very easy to create a unique tattoo. Sure, it might seem romantic at the time, but what are you going to do if the two of you break up and you're left with your ex's mug immortalized on your upper left arm? Still, we're guessing the guy who had this done finds the coverup a lot less scary than his ex-girlfriend. The story of a butterfly is very symbolic to some women and that symbolism can be captured as body art.
The first step would be to remove the protective sheet in the carbon paper to allow for transfer.

Then you would slide the carbon sheet into the back of the printer underneath the flap ensuring the flap slides back into place. The next step would be to insert the regular paper image side down into the printer and press the print button.

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