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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. On this page you have a gallery of name tattoo images inked on different parts of the body.
Is up to you where which is a placement on your body good enough to have someone’s name tattooed. Lettering: if you'd like a leo tattoo, but are not too fond of lion images, you could opt for a lettering tattoo in another language, like Sanskrit or Tibetan. Lion head tattoos are the most common lion tattoos, you don't see full body lion tattoos very often. Lion of Judah tattoo designs often have the colors green, yellow and red incorporated, like the colors of the Ethiopian flag.

These protective lions are called Fu Lions or Lions of Buddha and are used often in Chinese art. The Celtic lion and the tattoos resulting from its potent image are found throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - and beyond, with the popularity of Celtic lion tattoos (and Celtic tattoos in general) rising steadily.
Rampant lion tattoos are the favorite of Scottish people, symbolizing their bond with Scotland. Certain angel designs that are too intricate or complicated may need a really skilled tattoo artist. Horoscope tattoos are a popular choice of tattoos and leo is one of the zodiac signs that is frequently seen as a tattoo design.
The Leo constellation has been worshipped for thousands of years, by the Egyptians, the Persians, the Greek, the Romans, Hindus and many more civilizations.

Lion tattoos combine well with tribal art because of the manes that are easy to stylize with tribal patterns. In Chinese culture, lions have strong protective powers and stone lions are placed before temples, palaces and other important buildings. Rastafari is a young religious movement that sees Haile Selassie I as an incarnation of God (Jah).

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