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At Westside Dermatology, your expert laser dermatologists have in-depth knowledge and experience in managing the complications that may occur from your tattoo.  As Brisbane’s premier laser unit, we will diagnose and treat tattoo reactions in the most effective manner to resolve the complication and to minimize damage to your favourite piece. Complications following tattoo sessions are rare, however tattoo complications following attempted tattoo removals are commonly encountered. Getting inked itself is commonly uneventful, infections are rare, and conditions such as sarcoidosis, and allergic reactions even rarer. Although less common now due to the advent of more rigorous infection control methods in the tattoo industry, infections may still occur. Careful post-tattoo care with gentle washes and antibacterial ointments, and the avoidance of unhygienic environmental conditions  can minimize the risks of infections. Early signs of infection include ongoing or progressive redness and swelling, the emergence of pus or the development of fevers. See your General Practitioner or Dermatologist urgently should you develop any of these symptoms and signs. After infections, this is the most common complication of tattoos.  Drs Shobhan Manoharan and Davin Lim at Westside Dermatology have a special interest in treating these conditions and have been involved with a number of difficult cases and cutting-edge treatment. There is also a particular reaction known as a ‘lichenoid’ reaction that occurs generally with red pigment only. This reaction is usually isolated to skin, but rarely may be the initial manifestation of an internal disorder known as sarcoidosis, that can affect most organs.

Your Westside dermatologist will perform biopsies and other investigations if needed in this situation, and an early diagnosis may often prevent long-term internal complications. Fortunately, this is rarely seen in this day and age, however Specialist still encounter an alarming number of scarring following attempted laser treatments at other centers, especially non specialist ‘laser clinics.’ It is important to choose a provider who can manage all aspects of laser treatment including laser complications! Scarring from attempted tattoo removal can be treated with various techniques including additionally lasers (non Q-Switched), prescription corticosteroid ointments, and intralesional corticosteroid injections. In certain situations, the areas may need to be excised or lasered, and this may also be performed by your dermatologist. Ask for an appointment with Westside Dermatology’s specialist team to manage any of your tattoo complications. Following the after care guide from your tattoo artist will minimize the incidence of infections. Scarring that may occur after laser tattoo removal can be minimized by several ways, including test spots on easily scarred areas, such as the chest, and deltoid areas, early medical intervention with topical steroids, intralesional steroids, appropriate dressings and medical supervision. Tattoo complications such as infection, allergy and scarring is considered as a medical condition and a referral from your General Practitioner is recommended.
For more information on the referral process, call Westside Dermatology reception on 07 3871 34 37. The laser treatments worked really well and couldn't recommend Westside Dermatology enough!

A Scottish tourist has told how she came scarily close to losing her foot after a £25 tattoo she had done on holiday in Turkey became infected.
Susan Fraser, 54, had a vine leaf design with hearts and stars etched onto her right foot in a tattoo studio in the Green Nature Resort & Spa hotel in Marmaris, Turkey. After being escorted by a nurse on the flight home, Susan was rushed to hospital by ambulance from Glasgow Airport and doctors spent the next month trying to salvage her foot. The supermarket worker, from Irvine, North Ayrshire, told SWNS: "By the end of the holiday, it was the size of a balloon and oozing blood.
Choosing a provider who can laser, as well as manage any potential complications when they arise will reduce any chance of permanent scarring. Post-inflammatory changes (pigment disturbances), scarring, and infection are all complications of tattoo removal.
With correct technique, patient care, and experience, the incidence of these complications can be reduced.

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