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Although it was not a common practice in the past, you may find more and more people are getting white ink tattoos. One special type of white ink tattoo is called UV glowing tattoo, also known as blacklight tattoos, which is made with a special ink that is visible under ultraviolet (UV) light or blacklight.
If you wanna reveal your love the special person, the rose tattoo is a good idea of representation. Another disadvantage of white ink tattoo is that your skin may respond to it not so as predicted. At last, white ink tattoo is more expensive than colorful one because it requires more effort. You thinking about getting white tattoo, but, you want to know if the tattoo gonna fade quick, right? It’s important to mention that white tattoos can look faded if its done on a very dark skin (as a general rule, white tattoos should be done on pale skin.
Second, and most importantly,  if your are going to expose your white tattoo (and eventually – every tatto.
To summarize, there is a lot of people who have white tattoos for a couple of years now and they are just fine.
It looks weird and not noticeable, the white ink tattoo is loved by people who love subtle details and don’t like their tattoos remarkable to others.
The ink is injected under the layer of skin, which is only noticeable against the skin pigmentation.

The cost of the tattoo is dependent on the size, complexity of the design as well as the skill of the artist. Although it’s not colorful, there are the same a lot of tattoo ideas for white ink Tattoos.
They are less eye catching and dramatic than black or colorful ones yet they are still very impressive especially on tanned skin.
Moreover white ink tattoo tends to fade faster than black one and if not fixed it may look like a scar. They are popular among clubbers and those who do want to have a tattoo but still stay away from colorful ones.
It’s not have to be white) to a huge amount of sunshine, be sure to protect it with ling clothes (and from the first  moment, pick a body part which is not directly exposed to the sun). Just remember to protect them and to tattoo them on a respectable, recccomended and of course, sterile studio. It’s a tattoo that strictly uses white pigmentation and is mainly for the white skin or those with fair complexion. It is unbelievably easy to use in the places where nobody can easily notice it because of its subtle nature.  It is not as loud and large like the old fashioned tattoos but is tiny, and discreet which means even those in an environment where tattoos are frowned at can still manage to wear one. One is by using the traditional manner which applies a dark ink on the skin before the stencil is placed on it.  This method has less popularity as there is always the risk of ink mixing with the white pigment and causing a discoloration. It’s a popular choice for people who works in KTV or night club where UV light is available.

UV ink costs more than other inks, so the price of UV tattoo may be higher than other tattoos.
For tattoo artist it will take more time and effort to create perfect design and this is why the price may be higher than regular tattoo. The most important thing that will effect tattoo fading is the quality of the ink (and eventually, the white tattoo ink). They have quite a pull on most trendy people who believe white ink tattoos are extremely attractive because the way they look.  Once it is in place, the design appears like a slight scar on the skin or an exclusive branding. If you are looking for inspirations for your first white ink tattoo, please have a study of them.
Here are some of the most popular white ink tattoo designs as well as pros and cons of UV tattoos. They are also preferred by those who wish to be different from the ordinary tattoos done by dark ink.  It is seen as the in-thing or an improvement over the classic black ink tattoos. Phosphorescent ink does not re-emit the visible light it absorbs immediately but re-emitted it very slowly. However, there are questions about the safety and health to inject this type of ink in the skin.

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