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Each of these sites offers a 1 year membership for a relatively low price, so whether you are looking for only one tattoo or think you will be getting multiple tattoo's over your lifetime, a membership at a tattoo design website is a great investment in my opinion.
Although still one of the most popular tattoo design sites out there it wasn't my top pick, simply because Tattoos City much more value.
The style of lettering in these types of tattoos ranges from classic and traditional to creative and iconic. Let us explain.Tattoo Script Choices and What You Need to Know About Tattoo LetteringTattoo lettering is essentially its own art form within an art form as it incorporates the art of typography and calligraphy into tattoo art. For this reason, some tattoo artists are more skilled at one form of lettering than another, which means you’ll have to do your research. In terms of choosing your font, if you’ve already chosen your artist, talk to them and find out what their capacity is for tattooing unique or unusual fonts. If you haven’t chosen an artist yet, be sure to let them know that your piece will include custom tattoo lettering and let them know what you have in mind.
Even in the unlikely event that your tattoo artist speaks that language, they probably aren’t schooled in the calligraphy well enough to properly produce the character. This rarely ever works out well.Tattoo Script StylesWhile the possibilities of tattoo lettering are endless, there are some styles that are more commonly used in tattooing than others. The example at right has very thick lines which can help cover any unevenness at first, but ultimately has to be very straight. Tattoo script is often delicate and can be difficult to produce for an artists who isn’t especially experienced.

Much like calligraphy, tattooing script takes a lot of practice and a fluidity that doesn’t always come natural.
Some use only fine line, some create broader letters that are later shaded or filled in with color. This style of tattoo lettering is most commonly used for names, mottoes, and other phrases.Filigree Tattoo ScriptA subset of the script style of tattoo fonts is a style called filigree. Filigree lettering has the same core design elements as your basic script lettering, but takes it to a completely different level with very elaborate calligraphy. Filigree tattoo lettering is common in Southern California tattoo art and has strong ties to hip-hop and rap culture which is driving an increased interest in the style.Celtic LetteringCeltic lettering is also a popular tattoo font. Generally used as a nod to the wearer’s heritage, Celtic lettering is a strong, bold type with unusual curves to the letters that give it a very ancient and perhaps even a mystical feel. It’s also commonly used as lettering in fantasy themed tattoos as well as tattoos referencing certain sports teams. It can be confused with viking lettering due to its extreme similarity.Graffiti Style LetteringA bit more dramatic and reflective of street cultures is the graffiti style of tattoo lettering. When people talk about tattoo-style lettering or a tattoo font, this is most commonly the style to which they are referring.Classic or traditional tattoo lettering is recognizable by its alternating thick and slim lines and its resemblance to print lettering. This style of lettering is tied to the origins of the traditional American tattoo style and has become an iconic font in tattoo art.Using A Unique or Custom Tattoo FontWhat should you consider when trying to find a unique font for your tattoo?
A good tattoo artist will tell you upfront if he has any concerns over a tattoo font you’ve chosen.

Things like size and placement can also limit what can be done in terms of tattoo lettering, so keep that in mind as well.Finding a Unique Tattoo FontTattoo scripts and fonts are really all about typography.
This may sound unusual, but look into websites that specialize in custom fonts for design purposes. You should be able to take the samples to your tattoo artist to have them get an idea of what you want and the means of reproducing it on your skin.
Also keep in mind that most tattoo shops have books of tattoo designs which include fonts ready and waiting for you. Before you invest too much time in finding a custom tattoo script or font, stop by your artist’s shop and take a look through their books. Not only is it an easier way to go, but you’ll get to see which tattoo scripts and fonts your artist already has in his or her arsenal. Odds are they’ll have something that suits you.Can I use a custom tattoo font generator? Most tattoo font generators are just using goofy fonts that you’d find in something like MS Word.

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